Wellness Company Fit as a Fiddle After Software Systems Overhaul

There’s nothing worse for the supply chain than having bad numbers, especially if you’re operating with warehouses around the country. “If you’re only right about inventory 99% of the time, it’s a disaster,” says Lester Thornhill, president and CEO of South Florida-based Life’s Abundance.

OZ Takes the Pain out of Healthcare Management Software With Slimmed-Down IT Infrastructure

For patients who’ve suffered an injury on the job, not receiving the right treatment promptly so they can recover and get back to work might mean days, if not weeks, of lost wages. Fortunately for many workers in Florida, they can attend clinics where doctors prescribe and dispense their medications onsite — no long waits, no separate trips to the pharmacy — thanks to healthcare management software, ezDispense™.

Picking up the Pace: Software Helps Cancer Patients Get Faster Treatment

In response to a dramatic rise in the cost of cancer treatment in the early 2000s, insurance companies implemented systems that required doctors and patients to wait up to two weeks for approval of even the most basic treatment. There had to be a better way. That’s why Dr. Marc Fishman, a hematologist, oncologist and patient advocate, founded Oncology Analytics in 2008. “Our goal was to improve the quality of cancer treatment and reduce administrative burdens on the treating physicians while reducing unnecessary costs,” Fishman says. The company works with health plans and physicians to ensure cancer treatment plans keep up with ever-improving protocols and are tailored to an individual patient’s needs.

OZ’s Digital Innovation Services Drives NA Food Chain Restaurants Customer Experience (CX)

OZ transformed online scheduling and table management systems, streamlining internal workflows while enriching customer experience (CX). CX was further enhanced by integrating OLO (an online food ordering platform) into their website, fully automating the online ordering process and driving increased revenue per location.

OZ’s Analytics and Data Services Engagement Drives New Customer Experience (CX), Enhanced Results

This global insurance company needed a centralized analytics solution for better financial reporting, reconciliation, performance comparison analysis, capital investment, and forecasting and decision making. Data from different sources across the globe needed to be processed and analyzed into one centralized solution. With Data Services and analytics, OZ delivered a new platform that provides a 360-degree view of performance and insights to optimize profitability.

OZ Drives Timeshare’s CX and $12 Million Net Income

A nationally recognized Timeshare was missing revenue opportunities due to inefficient marketing technologies and the lack of a 360-degree view of their customer. Their sales and marketing stack included eight disparate sources that needed to be combined into one streamlined marketing, CRM and reporting system. OZ, using a design thinking approach, OZ increased revenue $1M per month by building a customized solution that converted more leads into opportunities, and empowered employees to enhance the customer experience and drive revenue.

Data Services and Analytics Provides a Clear View of Data and Ultimately, Increased Revenue for Busy Airports

A prestigious airport in the US was floating in a sea of data that needed to be integrated, unlocked, analyzed and acted upon. They knew they were leaving revenue on the table. They engaged OZ to unlock and organize their data, which was done via Data Services and Analytics. OZ created 50 dashboards providing actionable data and revenue models, which were critical to proactive decision making – the key result being a better understanding of their business, and increased revenue for the airport.

Design Thinking, Data Services, and Analytics Combine to Create a Powerful App-Based Showcase of Willis Lease’s Capabilities

At any given moment, hundreds of Willis Lease’s airplane and engine assets are moving across the globe. Willis Lease wanted a way to visually demonstrate the size and scope of the company to clients, prospective clients, analysts and shareholders. Willis Lease’s existing asset management reporting, which was used as part of their brand and sales story, was totally static and failed to capture the enormous complexity and efficiency of their operation. Willis Lease engaged OZ to ideate, prototype and develop a new and visually stunning app for their intranet, mobile sales presentations and in-office monitors, which finally captured the impact of their business and told the compelling story they wished to tell.

OZ Leverages Full Suite of Microsoft Azure Cloud Offerings to Unify Applications and Streamline Processes

Automated HealthCare Solutions (AHCS) built multiple in-house applications using its datacenters and private cloud platform. After 15 years, the platform was not keeping pace with the company’s growth and ever-changing federal and state regulations. As a result, AHCS wanted to move the applications to a public cloud system to provide on-demand scalability and reduce management and maintenance.

OZ Deploys New and Highly Efficient Licensing Platform Underpinned With CX New

The client’s licensing software, their main source of revenue, was out of support by its original vendor and their legacy system was outdated, requiring extensive updating. Any failure in processing its 53 million records would have catastrophic results for the client and their customers, who depend on their software.

OZ Migrates Applications to Microsoft Azure Cloud, Radically Improves Performance

Our client had developed an ecommerce platform that allows its customers to search for background information on Latin American residents during official background checks. The application database contains over 36 million rows of information, which made the performance of the search function extremely slow – taking several minutes to perform a single search.

Elevating Passenger CX With a Suite of Mobile Apps

A large Cruise Line wants to enhance their guests’ Customer Experience (CX) by providing a seamless way to order and receive food and drink. OZ is digitally transforming their ordering process for their guests, while streamlining back-end staff operations. OZ is building a suite of mobile “interaction” apps for passengers, servers and preparers utilizing Design Thinking, Data Services and IoT to enhance the overall ordering process. The mobile apps will also provide the ability to collect data and use analytics to predict guest order behavior and create a more personalized guest experience.

Elevating Customer Experience With a POS Integration App

A large cruise line company wishes to provide an exceptional Customer Experience (CX), that will be enjoyable and memorable to more guests by opening up its private island to multiple ships. To expand the island to more guests and capitalize on revenue, the client wants to accommodate multiple ships docking on the island at once, but currently multiple ships’ POS systems cannot differentiate which guests came from which ship.

OZ Vaults AHHC Into the Cloud

Alternative Home Health Care, which provides in-home care services to the elderly and patients with medical needs, was hampered by its legacy workflow. Needed an end-to-end enterprise system that tracks every step of this process and seamlessly integrates payroll and accounting, including invoicing and caregiver payments. Required a web-based portal enables monitoring by call center employees, and a management dashboard provides intelligence on system-wide operations.


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