Attention Property & Casualty Insurers

• Are you using multiple systems?
• Manually reviewing data or doing repetitive tasks?
• Are your reports accurate?

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Property & Casualty Insurance Automation

Many of our clients face these common issues:

• Increased competition
• Managing multiple systems prevents you from seeing the full picture
• Outdated technology infrastructures
• Rising costs of operations
• Worried about data accuracy for better decision making

Are you facing any of these issues?
Discover Intelligent Automation services OZ has to offer using comprehensive AI- based Machine Learning and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) processing functions to help you overcome these challenges

Are you moving legacy data to Global XLPro?

OZ offers an accelerator that moves your legacy contracts from your old reinsurance system into DXC Technology's Global XLPro with ease.

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Create the Information You Need

OZ's Intelligent Automation services give you the ability to add modern analytics, automation, and machine learning to create the information you need to drive real business decision making – allowing your team to focus on what matters.

• Prove ROI
• Minimize time using automation vs. uploading information manually
• Drive efficiencies with advanced technologies
• Maximize accuracy with data analytics and machine learning
• Generate insights for better business decision making

Automate your Business Processes

To thrive and grow, your operations and processes need to be more efficient. Contact OZ today to get more information on how to improve your business processes and ROI through automation, AI machine learning, and data analytics.

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You’ve seen the value that we can deliver. In this session, we'll share our unique perspective on how to improve your business and people processes to deliver the results your organization needs.

Murray Izenwasser
SVP of Digital Strategy for Global Insurance Consulting
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