The Cloud: Efficient, Flexible, and Cost-Effective

OZ’s cloud consulting services bring clients to harness the secure, high-performing, efficient, and always available cloud technology. The many benefits to a cloud infrastructure will deliver flexible solutions with peak performance.

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OZ's Cloud Consulting Technology Toolbox

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Ensure Your Data Is Safe and Accessible

Cybersecurity is a top concern for companies looking to adopt Cloud Services, but with OZ it need not be a barrier. Data security, privacy and regulatory compliance are at the center of OZ’s cloud consulting approach, from our consultants' initial assessment to the final deployment. Our infrastructure design will enable you to protect critical data and comply with regulations while also fully leveraging the speed and other benefits of the cloud.

Interoperability is critical as you migrate or develop applications on the cloud. Your e-commerce app needs to talk with your CRM app. Your email and HR platforms need to communicate with your active directory. Your ERP app needs to work seamlessly with your online ordering app. Your apps with different resource allocation and security protocols need to exchange data with no loss of quality. OZ experts fully map your cross-app processes, data exchanges, security, resources and availability to ensure a flawless cloud implementation across all platforms.

Sal Cardozo

Sal Cardozo is OZ's VP of Consulting, Analytics & AI. He has extensive experience in the vision, strategy, architecture, delivery and support of innovative and scalable analytics, AI and IoT solutions that transform the customer experience.

Prior to OZ, Sal led consulting efforts for Accenture, Cambridge Technology Partners, and Capgemini. He recently held leadership positions at ADT and Ryder. Sal earned his B.S. in computer systems and economics from Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, and is a member of TDWI and DAMA International.

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