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Leveraging Azure Stack: Cloud Scalability, Cost Management, and Digital Transformation


By Jason Milgram, SVP Azure Leader, OZ Digital 

In an era during which cloud computing heralds the next wave of business innovation, Azure Stack stands out as a beacon for organizations looking to harness the power of the cloud while navigating the complexities of data sovereignty, compliance, and edge computing.

Azure Stack is not simply Microsoft’s extension of its cloud services into on-premises environments; it is a transformative platform that offers the agility of the cloud with the control of local data management. (Find out more about the OZ-Microsoft partnership here.) This unique combination empowers businesses to scale and innovate with unprecedented flexibility.

Here’s why Azure Stack should be on your radar in 2024 and beyond:

  • Extension of Azure to On-Premises. Azure Stack is a revolutionary offering that brings the vast capabilities of Azure into a company’s on-premises environment. This hybrid flexibility means businesses can scale resources up or down based on demand without being hindered by the physical constraints of their data centers. By creating a seamless environment encompassing cloud and on-premises resources, Azure Stack enables agility and scalability to keep pace with market demands and business growth.

Moreover, Azure Stack addresses a critical concern for many organizations: the need to keep sensitive data within their control. By allowing data to reside on-premises, companies can meet strict regulatory compliance and security standards while benefiting from cloud technologies.

  • Innovative Edge Solutions. The edge is where the digital world meets the physical, and Azure Stack is an essential player in this space. By bringing cloud services to the edge, Azure Stack enables real-time data processing and provides immediate insights that can facilitate smarter business decisions. Azure Stack can be a game-changer for industries that rely on quick data turnaround, such as manufacturing, retail, and healthcare.
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery. Downtime is not an option in today’s always-on business landscape. Azure Stack ensures operational resilience by providing robust disaster recovery and business continuity capabilities. With Azure Stack, businesses can replicate applications and data across on-premises environments and Azure’s cloud, ensuring they stay online even during a site outage.
  • Cost Management and Optimization. Finally, Azure Stack aids in streamlining cost management and optimization. Traditional on-premises solutions often involve significant capital expenditure and can be costly to scale. In contrast, Azure Stack allows organizations to utilize a consumption-based pricing model akin to public cloud services, bringing predictability to financial planning. This on-premises cloud service provides the economic flexibility needed to control costs and optimize investments in technology.


Azure Stack is not just a bridge between on-premises and cloud—it is a platform that enables businesses to operate with greater efficiency, security, and foresight. Adopting Azure Stack is a step towards a more resilient, flexible, and cost-effective future for business decision-makers.

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