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With the new software OZ implemented, the level of detail we have is incredible. It’s been a huge weight lifted off their shoulders. Throughout the process, they weren’t afraid to tell us no, but they always explained here’s why, so we understood why our way wasn’t the best way to approach it. But if we needed something, they’d make it happen.

Lester Thornhill

President and CEO of South Florida-based Life’s Abundance

OZ has new ways of looking at things that helped with how we developed our product. Their code standard and code review keep everything in check. Before bringing in OZ, we would have to hire two or three people who know what’s new in software. Now, it’s right at our fingertips.

Ed Dibeler

AHCS Chief Information Officer

We found excellent value in the work OZ provided. Their team was undoubtedly responsive to support and maintenance obstacles. Our staff was very pleased with the services they provided, and I would use them again.

William Jones

Vice President of Business Solutions at Amerigroup Corporations

Our semi-professional football tournament would’ve never been possible in the current state of sports if it weren’t for OZ and their Salus solution.

Sener Korkusuz

A7FL CEO and Co-Founder

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