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We Listen to Your New Normal Needs and Have Responded With a Rafter of New Capabilities and Solutions

The Novel Coronavirus, COVID-19, Pandemic Makes Us Reconsider Everything

How we work, how we interact, how we engage. Words and phrases such as Asymptomatic, Social Distancing and Flattening the Curve have quickly become part of our everyday lexicon, with Remote Working and Virtual Teaming making a comeback. Our business strategy and plans from last week are dated, never mind our annual and quarterly ones. This is a moment in time none of us ever contemplated, never mind experienced. But we as humans are resilient and incredibly quick to adapt. This is our New Normal and we need new business thinking and capabilities to navigate this new reality. And the Digital Human Experience (HX) is the North Star.

We have been working around the clock to develop new capabilities and solutions to address our clients' most pressing ‘new normal’ needs and have found that human-centered experience design combined with digital is the common thread that runs through all of them, in our new reality of remote working.


Few industries have been hit harder than the cruise lines in this crisis. Salus, our new mobile solution will help cruise lines and Florida health authorities tackle novel coronavirus.

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Immerse Training

No travel time. No corridor chinwags. Working in our sweats. We’ve suddenly got a lot more time on our hands. Put that to use with [...]

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Most companies know that it’s hard to hold productive workshops, ideation and planning sessions in-person, never mind remotely. And tools like WebEx and Zoom were not created for this new reality.

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Annual strategies, financial projections, customer understanding, supply chain logistics planning have been ripped up. They simply don’t apply any more. Not in this new reality. OZ can help.

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Many midsize companies face challenges stemming from growth, organic or via merger, that stress their IT systems, operations and personnel. And while any number of consultants offer their mid-tier cli...

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Public Sector CX: Why Improving Customer Experience Matters

There is often an unfair perception that the public sector doesn’t prioritize customer experience (CX). You only have to look as far as the animated film Zootopia to see government employees port...

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Superior Customer Experience (CX) Drives Faster Revenue Growth

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Leading Brands Trust OZ to Develop Lasting Solutions to Complex Problems

See the Difference a Custom-Built Platform Can Make

Chris Reichart Chief Operating Officer
Automated HealthCare Solutions
“We are no longer building something that we will have to change in two years. We can look to the future and have our platform morph into what’s going to be the next cutting-edge product.”
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We Are in the Age of the Customer. That Means Customer Experience (CX) Is Everything.

Improve Customer Experience with OZ
  • CX leading businesses are growing three times faster than CX laggards
  • 86% of customers are willing to pay more for a great customer experience*
  • 64% of customers expect real-time assistance regardless of channel*
  • 52% of customers are less likely to engage with the company because of bad mobile experience*
  • 25% of customers will defect after just one bad experience*

Business has evolved from the Age of Information to the Age of the Customer. Today, customers demand a frictionless experience from the products and services they engage with. Does your brand have the customer experience expertise to keep pace? Our consulting services can be the difference for your customers who expect personalized, real-time interaction and assistance through all channels, particularly their mobile devices. Great customer experience is rewarded with increased customer engagement and sales, while companies that provide poor experiences are punished.

OZ consultants can help you better understand and engage with your customers and employees and develop impactful mobile digital solutions that drive superior customer experiences (CX), emotional connections and revenue to your bottom line.

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