Innovating Intelligent Automation in World-Leading Industries

Property & Casualty Insurance

OZ's Intelligent Automation Accelerators for the Insurance industry give you the ability to add modern analytics, automation, enterprise integration, and machine learning to create the information you need to drive real business decision-making and focus on what matters most.

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Health Sciences

The healthcare and life sciences landscape has changed significantly in the last few years and needs Intelligent Automation to keep up. There has been a fundamental shift from the era of Life Sciences into an era of Health Sciences. OZ calls this the Human Experience (HX).

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Hotels, resorts, and restaurants can use a myriad of digital technologies to create emotional and memorable customer experiences that go far beyond just sleep, food, and relaxation. Leading hospitality companies are relying on OZ's expertise in using customer data in 4 key areas: personalization, communication, service automation, and marketing.

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Getting ahead in technology is a necessity for the Travel industry. Intelligent Automation in Travel can add a little fun to the process, while also providing organizations with details to maintain the customer service needs, apply technologies that simplify the user journey, and more. Unify your organization's system processes, gather data insights like never before, and tap into the excitement that naturally draws customers in.

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