The strategic partnerships created between OZ and these top-dog technology companies solidify intelligently automated solutions for businesses that are focused on increasing customer engagement & operational excellence.


As a Microsoft Gold Partner for 20+ years, OZ helps clients understand Microsoft software capabilities, add structure and efficiency to business processes, and create integrated applications. OZ's expertise is automating and improving business processes, and the intelligent delivery professionals we employ are experienced business and technology professionals who are experts at using cloud and on-premises platforms like Azure, Power BI, Logic Apps, and more to efficiently achieve any productive business goal.


With an increase in demand for automation and real-time information, speed and agility have become necessities. Your competitive advantage is measured by how quickly you can change and deliver value to your customers.

Since 2018, OZ and MuleSoft have partnered to help clients build applications that are fundamentally changing the pace of innovation and preparing them to have a "the future is now" mentality while creating solutions with speed, reliability, and cost-effectiveness.

Together, we build Intelligently Automated solutions that can adapt, evolve and result in new opportunities. With OZ's customer experience expertise and knowledge-base using MuleSoft solutions, we deliver new ways to unlock enterprise data to create the speed and agility needed to innovate any process.

AWS by Amazon

OZ has achieved 2 Cloud Practitioner Certifications. This credential helps our organization identify and develop talent with critical knowledge related to implementing cloud initiatives. Earning AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner validates cloud fluency and foundational AWS knowledge. In addition, we earned 20 Technical Professional Accreditations and 7 Business Professional Accreditations. The Technical Professional Accreditation is built for individuals to gain a fundamental, technical knowledge of AWS cloud computing and supporting infrastructure, and the Business Professional Accreditation is built for individuals to gain a basic understanding of AWS services and core business value propositions.


UiPath's partnership has assisted OZ in multiple projects with tremendous success and has saved millions of dollars for clients by intelligently automating their manual work, allowing them to complete tasks in minutes instead of days. OZ has been empowered to help clients integrate their technology solutions and business processes with UiPath technologies.

UiPath's AI Center simplifies the addition of intelligence to typical automation projects and allows easy integration of Machine Learning models into the automation workflows. Data models designed with UiPath have the capability to intelligently develop as humans provide feedback to retrain the model.


WSO2 provides a variety of middleware products that help users simplify the development, management, sharing, and running of APIs. The WSO2 architecture allows OZ to focus on a common code base with completely open-source integration solutions. The WSO2 API management software allows us to efficiently design, deploy and maintain APIs for our clients and provides them with an enterprise platform that eases the integration of APIs, web services, and applications. OZ assists clients to use WSO2 products to develop and reuse components as well as manage integrations on-premise and in the cloud.

The WSO2 Identity Server is typically used for load and access management, making it possible for OZ and our clients to manage the identity, security, and privacy of each digital business. We use the Server to connect and control various identities across multiple client applications, their cloud, internet of things (IoT) devices, and APIs, regardless of the standards used by each platform.

OZ has 10 certifications from WSO2 as Certified Enterprise Integrator Developer - V7 - Micro Integrator and 10 more as WSO2 Certified Identity Server Developer - V5.

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