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We not only provide best-in-class digital consulting services, but also connect our clients with cutting-edge AI, automation, cloud, and data services through our strategic partnerships.

Stellar Services Require Stellar Partners

Our strategic partnerships with leading technology companies enable us to provide the best bespoke technology solutions for our clients.

Let us introduce you to our technology partners — and the power of collaboration.



As a member of the prestigious Forbes Technology Council, OZ Chief Solutions Officer Emmanuel Ramos delivers visionary, high-level thought leadership and insights informed by more than three decades of experience and hard-won knowledge.

AWS by Amazon

OZ combines its digital technology and Intelligent Workflow Automation expertise to help you drive innovation, scale, and agility by accelerating your adoption of AWS. We are an AWS Partner Network (APN) Select Consulting Partner.

We offer end-to-end services such as rationalization, technical debt elimination, automation, and modernization to help you jumpstart your AWS journey, migrate or build and manage solutions from the AWS suite. We are your trusted advisor for your cloud adoption to not only accelerate your cloud journey, but also augment your digital enablement with AWS.

As an AWS Select Partner, OZ has a strong set of AWS competencies and our AWS experts have undergone rigorous training and have proven their skills attaining certifications such as the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional badge.


Partners since 2018, OZ and MuleSoft create the speed, reliability, and cost-effectiveness necessary to deliver value to customers and increase competitive advantage.

At the nexus of OZ’s customer experience expertise and MuleSoft solutions, we unlock enterprise data, build Intelligently Automated solutions that can adapt, evolve, and create new and unforeseen business opportunities for growth and development.

Our MuleSoft experts have undergone rigorous training in the entire MuleSoft suite and have proven their skills attaining certifications such as the MuleSoft Certified Integration Architect badge.

Automation Anywhere

Our partnership with Automation Anywhere helps you build your automation program — at scale. Our expertise in intelligent automation, application integration, data and analytics, combined with the Automation Success platform accelerates transformation, reduces costs, and makes business automation easier than ever.

OZ connects insurance businesses with Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools they need to streamline operations and seize competitive edge through deep and powerful data analytics and predictive tools such as

Make your insurance business future-ready and recession proof with Natural Language Processing (N.L.P). The predictive analytics solution enhances the claims workflows, helps reduce severity, litigation and manage reserves efficiently by providing strategic insights and quantitative predictions to make real-time decisions while understanding and foreseeing user behavior patterns.


WSO2 provides a variety of middleware products that help users simplify the development, management, sharing, and running of APIs, with an architecture that allows OZ to focus on a common code base with completely open-source integration solutions.

The WSO2 API management software allows us to efficiently design, deploy and maintain APIs for our clients and easily integrate them into their platforms.

OZ certifications include the WSO2 Certified Enterprise Integrator Developer – V7 – Micro Integrator and Certified Server Developer – V5.


As a Microsoft Gold Partner for over twenty years, OZ helps clients:

  • Empower exceptional customer experiences and operational agility with applications that unite people, insights, and processes across every line of business
  • Unleash value quickly, build for the future, and exceed customer expectations with Microsoft industry clouds
  • Help protect and defend businesses with security, compliance, identity, and management solutions that work across all platforms, clouds, and apps
  • Improve time-to-value and reduce costs with the most complete tech stack from cloud to edge

Get Expert Help from Certified Azure Consultants

To meet industry standards, our Microsoft Azure experts have undergone rigorous & independent technical validation and proved their skills attaining highly sought-after certifications such as the Azure Solution Architect Expert certification.


UiPath’s AI Center makes adding intelligence to typical automation projects simple, allowing for easy integration of Machine Learning models into your automation workflows.

OZ’s partnership with UiPath has enabled us to help clients save millions of dollars by integrating our technology solutions with their business processes and intelligently automating their manual work, allowing them to complete tasks in minutes instead of days.

Our UiPath experts have undergone rigorous training in the entire UiPath suite and have proven their skills attaining certifications such as the UiPath Certified Advanced RPA Developer badge.

Amelia by IPSoft

Powered by Conversational AI, IPSoft’s Amelia is the leading intelligent virtual agent. With human-like skills to provide virtual customer support, IT Help Desk service, and digital call center agent services, Amelia delivers flexible and versatile AI-powered tools to empower your communications and satisfy your customers along their Customer Journeys.

Amelia is the only AI solution in the market today capable of creating digital agents and building new AIs to automate routine, time-consuming tasks, and gains new knowledge and skills from every user conversation.


Communicating with a business should be as easy as talking with a friend. MessageBird’s solutions and platforms power communication between businesses and their customers — across any channel, always with the right context, and on every corner of the planet.

MessageBird connects businesses to its omnichannel communications platforms, built for global scale, that make use of Intelligent Automation and centralized inbox tools to connect all of your platforms from the email and WhatsApp to WeChat and Telegram.

MessageBird is one of the many powerful platforms we can connect you to that empower you to streamline your communications, do more meaningful work, and provide a better, smoother, and more streamlined Customer Experience.

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