OZ – An Amelia.ai/IPsoft Partner

Through our strategic partnership with Amelia.ai, we empower clients with tailor-made enterprise AI solutions to create extraordinary user experience.

The future of world-class user experience will be driven by world-class AI

Forward-thinking businesses in health science, hospitality, travel, and beyond understand that if you want to blaze trails in your industry, extraordinary user experience is key.

To accomplish this, you must take advantage of cutting edge conversational AI and enterprise automation solutions.

Learn how OZ and Amelia.ai remove the costly barriers between your customers and your services.

OZ is a certified  Amelia.ai/IPsoft Partner

Formerly known as IPsoft, Amelia.ai is a pioneer in the AI space. For our part, OZ brings twenty-five years of expertise in building tailor-made digital solutions from the ground up. Together, we connect enterprises with flexible and versatile AI-powered tools to empower your communications and craft more satisfying Customer Journeys.

Gain Strategic Insights for
Real-Time Decision Making

Reduce Claim Cycle Times
and Expenses

Oversee Your Entire
Claims Portfolio

What Can Amelia.ai Partners Do For You?

Leading Intelligent Virtual Agents

Amelia.ai provides a virtual agent with human-like skills to provide virtual customer support, IT help desk service, call center agent services, and more. Empower your communications with easy-to-deploy self-learning AI optimized for your use cases.

End-to-End Intelligent Automation

The Amelia AIOps Integrated Platform offers a multi-faceted intelligent automation solution designed to help forward-thinking companies to empower employees and accelerate their digital enterprise journey.

Strategic Orchestration

Connecting proprietary KPIs and behavioral pattern detection to any claims OZ connects you to the full power of the Amelia Integrated Platform through Amelia Orchestration Services, seamlessly integrating human-like artificial intelligence with all of your platforms and tools so you can move faster and add innovation and flexibility to your previous investments.

AI That Learns and Grows

Amelia is the only virtual agent on the market today capable of creating digital agents and building new AIs to automate routine, time-consuming tasks on its own. Amelia gains new knowledge and skills from every user conversation, constantly optimizing its ability to deliver exceptional Customer Experience and satisfaction.

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What does it mean to be an Amelia.ai partner?

As a trusted part of the global Amelia/IPsoft partner network, effectively integrates the world’s best in AI and automation with the bespoke digital consulting services we develop, tailored to each of our clients’ unique needs, vision, and goals.

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See how OZ and Amelia.ai together can change the game for your business.