OZ – A MessageBird Partner

Quickly and simply connect with clients and deliver a better, smoother, and more streamlined Customer Experience.

Communicating with a business should be as easy as speaking with a friend

In today’s digitally connected marketplace, exceptional Customer Experience is a necessity not a luxury. But with business communications spread across so many platforms, that can feel easier said than done.

Make it easy for customers to reach out and get the answers they need, wherever you or they are, at the moment they need it with MessageBird’s omnichannel communications platform.

Find out how OZ and MessageBird are removing the barriers between your customers and your services.

OZ is a certified MessageBird Partner

OZ is a MessageBird partner because we are confident that MessageBird is the best platform to help you achieve your customer’s dream—being able to text with a business just as easily and naturally as they can text with a friend—through a single global, omnichannel vendor.

Show your customers you care with timely responses to their questions

Connect your channels without juggling multiple vendors and solutions

Empower your communications team to do more meaningful work

What Can MessageBird Do For You?

With MessageBird, you can use Intelligent Automation and centralized inbox tools to connect all of your messaging platforms from email and WhatsApp to WeChat and Telegram and more into a single interface.

Omnichannel Customer Service

Never miss a message again. With MessageBird, all of your business’ communication channels across email, WhatsApp, SMS, Messenger, LINE, WeChat, and Telegram go to a single centralized inbox. Your agents can see the full customer relationship in a single thread, empowering them to help your customers without having to search for the information they need.

Build Engaging Experiences

With MessageBird’s Flow Builder tool, you have an intuitive, flexible, easy-to-use solution to creating more meaningful customer interactions. Automate tasks, large or small, to engage your customers, reduce the complexity of your data, and improve your support workflow with drag-and-drop customer support automation.

Customer-First Video Platforms

MessageBird’s 24Sessions video scheduling solutions enable one-click video chatting on any browser or device that complies with our workflows, security requirements, and customer journeys. MessageBird’s video platform is white-labeled and can be tailored to match the look and feel of your brand.

Every Page a Communication Hub

Turn any webpage on your site into a dynamic conversation with MessageBird’s omnichannel widget. Engage your customers immediately, continue the conversation on any platform, and build automated conversation flows for always-on support. Never let a hot lead go cold again!

Engage current and potential customers in meaningful ways so you can drive loyalty, gather feedback, build your reputation, and so much more.

What does it mean to be a MessageBird partner?

The MessageBird Referral Partner Program empowers leading digital consulting companies to connect their customers to the best omnichannel messaging solutions for their business needs.

As official MessageBird partners, we maintain expertise in the company’s platform and tooling, combining the world’s most powerful omnichannel communications coordination tools with our bespoke client-first solutions.

Take your business further with the AI and enterprise integration experts at OZ:

See how OZ and MessageBird together change the game for your business.

Our expertise in crafting tailor-made digital solutions designed from the ground up just for your business combined with MessageBird’s revolutionary communication platform, equals a new paradigm for your operations. Find out exactly what our partnership with MessageBird looks like for your business: