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3 Ways This Startup Harnessed the Power of Innovation

Oz Digital Consulting HairBnB

“Do you offer daily chair rentals?”

The question took Dr. Tye Caldwell and his wife Courtney by surprise. This was 2012 and though the couple’s Plano, Texas salon did indeed a row of empty styling seats, the industry standard at the time was either brick-and-mortar ownership or long-term leases.

But rather than dismiss the request out of hand, the Caldwells, entrepreneurs at heart, instead asked, Why not?

Three years later the ShearShare app launched. Today it connects more than 40,000 salons and stylists in over 900 cities play a very profitable game of “musical chairs.”

If the story of how this stylist-marketing duo, with no experience in app development, went from managing a small business with ROI-sinking idle space to managing over $100 million in the salon and barbershop space is inspiring you to chase your own dream, here’s how to condense your journey by months—perhaps even years.

1. Don’t Start from Scratch

Many aspiring entrepreneurs believe they must wait for their tech knowledge and development skills to catch up to their business idea before they can make their move.

Not so.

With the right partner, proven methodologies, tailored expert services, and discovery/design processes are placed at your disposal so that you can focus on your evolving vision and how to best align it with your goals and opportunities.

2. Understand change is a part of creation

Initially, ShearShare focused on promoting beauty products through their app.

When it became clear rental services was the sweet spot, however, the Caldwells remained lithe and open-minded enough to transition in that direction—and the rest is history in the making.

You’ll find that working with a team focused on building the future of your business might challenge what you previously thought achievable.

Regardless of how your trajectory shifts, be open to that pivot and it can pay major dividends.

3. Leverage relationships that benefit you

Most businesses that provide a service require liability insurance—and that’s no different when your trade is measured by inches chopped!

From filling out a cold-contact form with Lloyd’s of London to coverage took ShearShare a full twenty-four months.

Two years can seem like a lifetime when keeping pace with the ever-evolving digital landscape. Still, there are other partnership options to accelerate that journey: Development adopts a faster, more efficient cadence, for example, when businesses leverage OZ’s Microsoft Gold Partner status or partnership with Amazon Warehouse Services (AWS) and our bank of over three-hundred working client relationships.

Building to Win

Ready to make that business dream a reality?

Finding the right solution begins with asking the right questions. With 25 years of experience, OZ’s team of seasoned technology and industry experts understand how to identify the key insights that will empower you to successfully navigate your unique business challenges, optimize and accelerate profitable growth, make better-informed decisions, and seize competitive advantages.

Reach out and get started today.