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3 Ways to Intelligently Automate Customer Satisfaction


Even as guest traffic returns to pre-pandemic norms, customer satisfaction continues to take a precipitous fall.

Before our friends in the hospitality industry despair, however, there is good news: Increasingly sophisticated and powerful artificial intelligence (AI) technology is stepping into the breach, proactively transforming prospective bad reviews into rebookings. Can artificial intelligence (AI) be the difference between rebooking and a bad review?

Here are three ways the AI revolution can help you boost guest retention—starting right now.

1. Round-the-clock support

Saving customers time and money is a cornerstone of hospitality, yet the manpower to achieve this baseline goal rarely existed—until now.

Enter chatbots, which allow “representatives” to provide an efficient, bilingual user experience 24/7 without spending on overnight staff.

There’s already buy-in: 80% of customers believe that AI will assist them in better purchasing decisions. Best of all? These tireless digital force multipliers learn and solve more complex issues over time.

2. Remain human at heart

AI isn’t exclusive to customer-facing solutions: The more automated your ecosystem, the easier life can become. The AHLA reported that 97% of hotels face staffing shortages—a widespread issue that demands an easy-to-implement solution with immediate returns. By automating the repetitive but necessary tasks that soak up revenue, you can invest dollars into the essential human touch points that count—even as you and your staff are liberated to focus on higher-value tasks.

Customer service agents, for example, have the option to enable email tagging—automatically forwarding requests to chatbots that will process them in five minutes or less while turning their attention to the complex tasks that require human intervention.

3. Personalized user experiences

Utilizing AI to help customers find relevant information increases efficiency. You can process massive data sets and gather metadata, building a unique and unified view of your customer and allowing you to provide the right content through the proper channels.

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