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AI adds a touch of magic to table turnover

Oz Digital Consulting AI and Table Turnover_blog cover

Wouldn’t it be magical if every dining experience was coordinated with the same care, consideration, and efficiency as “Be Our Guest” from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast?

While a far cry from enchanted anthropomorphic objects,  Let us Nudge brings a robust level of automation to any restaurant style with their artificially intelligent (AI) seating software which, “helps shape customer behavior by optimizing traffic and frequency, increasing customer satisfaction, and building customer loyalty” across chain, family-owned, casual, and fine-dining restaurants.

But there’s more than meets the eye when comparing them to our favorite talking candlestick.

Table turnover refers to how frequently customers use a table during a given period. While optimal turnover rates vary by venue, it’s generally accepted that increasing the number of customers served is directly linked to profitability and customer satisfaction—making it one of the most valuable metrics measured in the hospitality industry.

And the intrinsic benefits don’t stop there.

With a higher turnover rate comes an energized atmosphere, improved customer experience, efficient staff utilization, and enough flexibility to handle guest parties of any size.

So, how does Let us Nudge promise to bolster your bottom line and open the door to untold optimization?

By simply addressing the daily struggle of every eatery: Busy times and slow times.

When a restaurant is experiencing an uptick in traffic, managers can upload an optional incentive to the cloud—like an instantly redeemable coupon, for example—that gently nudges diners to wrap up their meals. Waitstaff presents this incentive with a scannable QR code that applies to the bill automatically and provides patrons with a countdown timer for their departure.

During downtime, would-be customers can receive a nudge in the form of a push notification where, after accepting and arriving at the restaurant, they’ll be greeted with their ready-to-eat meal.

But the real value of this SaaS-powered startup isn’t from the 20% in additional revenue generated by higher table turnover alone. Owners and operators will also have access to accurate real-time data and customer analytics that drive organizational success for the life of your company.

As the hospitality industry continues to grow and evolve, it is critical to stay ahead of the technological curve. AI will play an increasingly important role in maintaining your competitive advantage, and partnering with the right digital consultancy is the key to seamless integration.

Contact OZ to identify and implement the solutions you need to accelerate and optimize your digital transformation journey.