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Business Process Automation: A 5-Minute Read

Oz Digital Consulting Automation Software Technology Process System Business concept.

To automate is to be mindful of business resources. Deciding which processes require automation and which processes must be handled manually can make the difference between a company maximizing its ROI, or a company that misallocates its resources.

To stay ahead of the competition requires companies to engage in different multilevel analyses only business process automation (BPA) can ensure.

As it names states, businesses’ process automation can improve their effectiveness and competitiveness using robotic process automation (RPA). Business Process Automation using RPA is one of the most promising fields for the current and following years and it generates measurable Business Value for both established companies and startups.

From complex to simple

When it comes to Business Process Automation, the main objective is to turn a complex task into a more manageable task by using machine learning and algorithms that can reduce human errors.

Through robotic process automation, businesses can increase productivity, and ensure a level of reliability that only specialized software robots can ensure. A business process automation solution uses a combination of technologies, including business rules management system, machine learning algorithms, and other interfaces.

In the short term, the objective of business process automation is to increase productivity and overall quality of service, but in the long term, it must aim to achieve digital transformation.

What is digital transformation?

Digital Transformation has different interpretations, but it can be summarized as the adaptation of a company to the changes that new technologies are imposing in all areas of life, and how this adaptation can positively impact both companies and their clients in the digital age.

Digital Transformation is not just a change in technology, but a change in the way that business is done.

Digital transformation includes changes in the following areas: customer experience, employee experience, partner and supplier experience, data and analytics, process automation, and digital infrastructure.

Streamlining processes – Business automation and digital transformation

Streamlining processes can help employees avoid tasks that would feel otherwise repetitive. This way businesses are able to assign more meaningful tasks that might result in an increased feeling of affiliation and belonging, that can positively impact overall job satisfaction levels and work climate.

Also, streamlining processes will help reduce costs and allocate such resources in offering better salaries, and improved benefits for employees.

Benefits of BPA

Intelligent business process automation has many advantages:

  • By pairing machine learning and RPA, businesses can improve the accuracy of tasks.
  • Businesses can improve customer service with faster response times and more accurate information.
  • Automation can help identify problems and inconsistencies faster than humans.
  • Businesses can reduce operational costs.

Maximizing BPA efficiency

Business processes cannot be automated without a proper understanding of Customer Relationship Management (CRM), client needs, and leadership expertise. BPA is not going to solve problems by itself. Developers cannot create solutions to problems they don’t understand, and this is oddly reassuring.

Why? Because it gives employees value. Business process automation is not about taking the wheel from the employee but instead giving them full control of the engine so they can drive to places they wouldn’t have been able to go by foot.

Automated tasks vs. Non-Automated tasks

Organizations that use BPA not only minimize the number of manual processes required to complete tasks, but also integrate diverse systems into a single, well-connected, and highly efficient machine.

There are benefits to both automated and non-automated tasks. Automating a particular task may be more efficient for businesses because it can improve accuracy and reduce operational costs. However, human creativity is still an important factor in tasks that require thought or innovation. Non-automated tasks often require employees to think outside the box and come up with new ways of doing things, something that machines are not yet able to do. In many cases, human creativity allows businesses to stay competitive and innovative.

In the end, the best choice is to understand BPA as a tool that will empower employees, instead of a mere replacement.

Is BPA the new standard for businesses?

It can be difficult to embrace business process automation. For businesses adopting this strategy, there are three recommended stages before embracing digital transformation:

  • begin with one process,
  • describe the business logic, and
  • select an automation platform that can fulfill business demands now and in the future.

Despite the many benefits of BPA, there are certain challenges that businesses face when trying to automate their processes. One of the biggest challenges is that employees are often fearful of change and may resist attempts to automate their work. Additionally, there is a risk that business processes will become too rigid. This can be countered by giving employees the opportunity to stay creative and fostering this creative climate in the office.

The bottom line: Is BPA the right choice for your company?

Yes! Business process automation can completely change a business. It allows for more efficiently designed workflow processes. BPA helps with controlling your business and saves time, space, and money. Employees can in turn stay on being creative while staying relevant with automated processes that challenge their skills and abilities. BPA can also boost their morale and increase creativity in the workplace. Also, there are no risks with BPA, since businesses are in total control of the RPA, entering a new level of micro and macro management that wasn’t possible before.

At OZ, we specialize in providing businesses with cutting-edge Intelligent Automation services such as process automation, artificial intelligence (AI), analytics, enterprise application integrations, and digital solutions. We will collaborate with your company to discover the best solution for your needs. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.