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25 Years of Transformation

Oz Digital Consulting 25-Year banner

The Vision

AAJ Computer Services, Inc. which consists of OZ Digital Consulting and Jet Health Solutions celebrates its 25th anniversary on June 25th, 2022. While 80% of companies do not make it to 20 years of operation, we consider this significant landmark a testament to strong leadership and dedicated team members. But AAJ’s current success was a journey, and as all fantastic journeys do, it began at a Waffle House.

Asad Shamim (CEO of Jet Health), Amjad Shamim (CEO of OZ), and their cousin Rizwan Mazhar (CEO of eWorx, the offshore arm of Jet and OZ) sat together at a Waffle House in Hollywood, Florida. Amidst the mingling smells of warm waffles and freshly brewed coffee, there was talk about starting a company that took advantage of the business landscape of the late 90s. Countless ideas were thrown around as the coffee continued pouring, and before long, a business plan came together courtesy of a pen and some spare napkins. By the end of their meeting, they had an exciting vision for the future and were ready to make it a reality!

The Start

Over the next year, the ideas they had scribbled down began to move from paper to the real world. They put considerable effort into market research and deciding what venture would be most successful based on their experiences. The three Amigos invested in their idea of a digital technology consulting company that would be groundbreaking in its approach to technology solutions and product offerings.

They passionately described their business model to friends and family, who provided their much-needed feedback. Eventually, those friends and family members became some of the first workers to join the team. In June of 1997, the team secured their LLC and invested heavily into the company’s infrastructure. They eventually acquired their first office space and a partnership with Microsoft through a consolidated effort.

The Future of Innovation

AAJ quickly found success in an environment starving for technological advancements. Software and hardware were developing quicker than clients could understand—let alone implement. So, they sought the help of a company that could—for over two decades.

Little has varied from the founders’ original vision and the one we have today. We have added a state-of-the-art product division Jet Health Solutions but the mission is still to provide revolutionary technology for clients to access and benefit from. The only thing that has changed from the beginning is the technology and our array of product offerings.

The real key to 25 years of successful operation is the effort of every AAJ team member to be there for clients, Asad states. “We are here because of them. Each and every one of them has contributed. These are the people that made this happen. They are so amazingly passionate and committed about what we do; it just makes me proud. I mean, it’s their company, and they treat it like their company,” says Amjad, “I am so extremely humbled that they stuck around for so long.'”

Past, present, or future, AAJ Computer Services, including OZ and JET Health Solutions, strives for excellence both with our clients and within our team. Cheers to another quarter-century of revolutionary technologies.