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Finding & Establishing Your Niche Among 6 Billion Smartphone Users

Finding & Establishing Your Niche Among 6 Billion Smartphone Users

Two quick facts all businesses need to know:

  1. There were 275 billion mobile app downloads last year.
  2. That number is projected to grow exponentially.

How can you prepare yourself?

Well, a good start would be to read the recent primer courtesy OZ Chief Solutions Officer Emmanuel Ramos in CIO Tech World entitled, “Emerging Trends in Mobile Device App Development.”

A quick excerpt:

“The future course of the mobile app development industry is largely shaped by emerging technologies such as AI, IoT, and AR/VR among others. These technological advancements aren’t just altering how apps are developed but also their functionality once installed on a device.

“Apart from technology adoption, another trend steering the industry forward is cross-platform application development trends like React Native or Flutter that allow developers to write code once and then deploy it across multiple platforms (Android & iOS). This not only saves time and resources but ensures consistency across different OS systems too.”

Read the entire piece here.

For more information, download our free e-Book, “Future App: Overcoming the 3 Major Challenges to Unlocking the Power & Promise of Today’s Modern Applications” or schedule a consultation today.