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From “life expectancy” to embracing higher expectations of one’s life


Dedicated to supporting “the global community of those who break barriers and go beyond borders,” Insured Nomads, employing cutting-edge technology and old-school empathy, seeks to elevate and evolve the insurance experience “for those who travel and encounter the unexpected, the unplanned, or the catastrophic.”

“We actually started our organization just at the beginning of the pandemic,” Insured Nomads President and Chief Innovation Officer Allen Koski tells OZ Chief Transformation Officer Paul Bailo on the latest episode of Transformation Matters. “We saw people working remotely, leaving larger companies, saying, ‘You know what? Instead of working in San Francisco as someone who does taxes, I could probably work in a great surfing spot in Costa Rica. When it rains I’ll do the taxes and when it’s sunny I’ll go surfing, eat ceviche—live the dream. And we wanted to support more people in living those dreams.”

It is a fascinating, fun, revealing conversation that demonstrates just how real the possibility of shifting from a paradigm of focusing on life expectancy to one of embracing higher expectations of life.

Check it out below.