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Introducing OZ Talent Studio

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As technology continues to evolve at lightning speed into ever-more complex iterations, the search for skilled, certified IT professionals equipped to guide enterprises across this kinetic digital landscape becomes more challenging as well.

Enter a new game-changing service providing organizations with on-demand access to a pool of IT experts possessing a range of skills and expertise that they may not possess in-house.

If you’re ready to not only scale and realize your vision faster but also gain a greater competitive advantage, watch this short video introduction from OZ Chief Solution Officer Emmanuel Ramos or read on…

The Right IT Professionals for the Right Job at the Right Cost

Whether your needs are centered around software development, data analytics, network engineering, enterprise integration, cybersecurity, or any other high-tech function, OZ Talent Studio empowers you to quickly and easily add experienced professionals to your team without needlessly resorting to full-time hires, OZ Talent Studio increases the efficiency and effectiveness of your business operations while reducing costs.

Let’s explore a few benefits in detail…

  • Flexibility. Business requirements can change quickly—and organizations need to be able to respond to these changes in a timely manner. OZ Talent Studio allows you to scale your IT team up or down as needed, gaining the flexibility to respond quickly to changing business requirements. Businesses can take advantage of emerging trends without committing long-term resources or risk being left behind as new advancements are made available.
  • Cost Savings. Hiring permanent employees can be expensive—especially regarding IT talent. Organizations need to pay for salaries, benefits, training, and other overhead expenses associated with full-time employees. If you need an expert in artificial intelligence (AI) or machine learning (ML), it may be more cost-effective to hire a consultant with those skills than to hire a full-time employee. OZ Talent Studio service provides organizations with a more cost-effective solution, paying only for the services they need and avoiding the cost of benefits, training, and other overhead expenses.
  • Improved Project Delivery. When organizations have access to the resources they need, when they need them, they can complete projects on time and on—or under—budget. An organization might need a specific set of technical skills for a short-term project but doesn’t have the resources or budget for hiring new employees. By augmenting their existing team with IT professionals who specialize in those areas, they can get the job done faster and more cost-effectively than if they had hired additional full-time staff members.

The proof, of course, is in the clientele whose processes and enterprises have been transformed by buttressing in-house resources with external OZ specialized expertise.

These include…

  • A retail company that could not keep up with the demands of its e-commerce business until OZ ramped up its IT team and helped exponentially improve its capabilities.
  • A financial services company facing a shortage of cybersecurity talent yet nonetheless was able to quickly improve its cybersecurity posture and mitigate risk once OZ arrived on the scene.
  • A healthcare company with an outdated electronic health records (EHR) system that was revamped by OZ skilled on-demand IT professionals—without having to go through a time-intensive and costly full-time hiring process.

Find out how we can accelerate your short- and long-term IT projects here.

Best Practices for OZ Talent Studio

As you engage OZ Talent Studio to find the right people for the job(s), keep in mind the following helpful tips:

  • Define project requirements. These include budget, timeline, scope of work, and deliverables as well as any other criteria such as certifications or specialized skills needed. Doing so will help narrow down potential candidates more quickly when searching through resumes for individuals who have a good understanding of your business objectives and goals—and the experience in the tech necessary to make those objectives and goals a reality.
  • Create a detailed project description. When creating a job description for an IT professional being augmented into your team, it’s important to outline their responsibilities in detail so they understand their role within the organization. Outline expectations and performance metrics so there is no confusion about what needs to be done on each project. Make sure that everyone has access to resources they need such as tools or software licenses before beginning work on any tasks assigned. Additionally, provide regular feedback throughout the process so both parties can ensure success with each assignment completed on time and within budget constraints if applicable.
  • Reach out to your OZ Digital Consulting account executive. This point person will engage the OZ Talent Studio team to search for qualified professionals who meet these criteria. Potential candidates will be presented to you for review, feedback, and, eventually, interview. Here, you will be able to evaluate each candidate’s experience and abilities in greater depth before making a final decision about who best fits into your team dynamic and has the necessary skillset required for success on the project at hand.
  • Ensure communication between teams is open and transparent. Establish guidelines early on regarding communication channels such as email or video conferencing platforms such as Zoom or Skype which can facilitate collaboration among remote workers more easily than traditional methods. Set up regular check-ins with members of your OZ Talent Studio team where progress reports can be shared, along with any issues encountered while working towards the completion of projects assigned by management personnel overseeing operations from higher levels within organizational structures.

By implementing OZ Talent Studio, organizations can ensure they are maximizing their investments in personnel while minimizing risk.

Final Thoughts

The OZ Talent Studio service is a great way to gain access to the specialized skills and expertise you need without having to hire full-time employees. By following best practices and taking advantage of the benefits it offers, you can maximize your return on investment while ensuring that your team has the right resources for success.

Let us help you leverage technology to drive business progress—contact OZ today!