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Owwll Takes Flight with the Help of OZ 

Oz Digital Consulting Blog Cover - OWWLL

Every great innovation often starts with a single conversation, and it was no different when talks about Owwll first started. 

Jason R. Hill, a successful entrepreneur, had an idea he needed help bringing to life. Hill, who previously collaborated with OZ Digital Consulting, approached the OZ team hoping to leverage their project strategy, ideation, and application development expertise.  

Mobile Application Development 

COVID restrictions on face-to-face conversation between creators (like authors, podcasters, career coaches, athletes, technologists, entertainers, bloggers, marketers) and their audiences were hindering businesses and operations. The interaction between expert and consumer was still necessary, but the ability to create a proper venue to foster that conversation was a major obstacle. With demand increasing for this connection and no option for creators, innovators, or authorities to share expertise, life demanded a change. 

Hill proposed the concept of a digital meeting space where qualified specialists can profit from their time and put their energy into meaningful connections with individuals desiring the information they had to offer. 

To create this MLP (Minimum Lovable Product), the group began the process in a Discovery Engagement which progressed into the Co-Creation digital solution OZ offers here, both processes involve a collaboration of the highest degree while maintaining goals and expectations.  

Instead of using a rigid and singular approach to the execution of technical work, OZ’s team used an agile methodology to create a step-by-step implementation plan of the technical architecture outlined in the previous building phase. This methodology meant that both the client and the OZ teams could make changes and adapt to the constant flow of feedback.  

Before a full-scale launch, the application was tested using TestFlight, a software that implements real-time patchwork while getting direct feedback from Beta testers. After a couple of months, the interface between users, creators, and development had proven itself worthy of being downloaded by the masses.  

Because of OZ’s Co-Collaboration service offering, the effort that went into creating and executing the application’s architecture will be leveraged to maintain its viability over the life of the application and push for the acquisition of ever-evolving talent to learn from. Now, creators of all kinds can begin using Owwll to monetize their followings.  

What exactly is Owwll, and where can I find it? 

Owwll is a multimedia platform where users connect with some of the world’s greatest free-thinkers, niche experts, and thought leaders. Download the app from the Apple iTunes store, or the Google Playstore to gain access to one-on-one sessions with creators in the subjects that interest you most.