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OZ Greenhouse – The Connected | NFT | Hydroponic System – Blog 1/5


At the OZ lab, one of our fundamental missions is to help ideate and solve problems that benefit our clients. However, there are times that we take a pause and pick a problem that we feel passionately about and makes us think about how we can positively impact the world.

The OZ Greenhouse is based on two global problems: the first one is the problem of growing foods in areas with adverse climatic conditions, (excess heat, aridity of the soil, intense cold, towns with a lot of height above the level from the sea, etc.), and the second one is the production of healthy foods, free of toxic substances and/or pathogens that affect the health of consumers.

A team in our office in Rosario, Argentina, embarked on a solution implementing an NFT system (a hydroponic technique in which plants grow without the need for soil). This solution involves Mobile development, Cloud services, Internet of Things, microcontrollers, and Analytics. By combining these technologies, the team developed a hydroponic system fully managed by a mobile application created by our consultants.

The OZ Greenhouse team set to demonstrate, through the union of nature and technology, how it is possible to optimize the resources and tasks necessary to carry out hydroponic cultivation.

We are excited to announce a series of technical blogs describing how the connected hydroponic system was built, how it operates, and highlight the different technologies and techniques that were applied to achieve this solution.