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OZ is a proud Bronze Sponsor of InsurTech Insights Americas 2022

Oz Digital Consulting OZ_InsurTech Insights Graphic

It is with great pleasure and excitement that we are able to announce our Bronze-level sponsorship of the upcoming InsurTech Insights Americas event in New York City on May 25th and 26th. We are the conference’s exclusive sponsor of the AI-engine-powered mobile app. So, when you arrive at the event, be sure to download the app and schedule the meetings while you’re in town!

OZ team members will be at the event to meet with other Insurance professionals and discuss advancements in the ever-growing industry.

We work with insurance professionals across a broad spectrum of technologies to help drive their digital strategy & transformation, including:

  • Leveraging AI-based Machine Learning to automate processes
  • Creating intelligent workflows to eliminate inefficiencies (underwriting, quoting & submissions, claims processing, etc.)
  • Integrating API strategies and architectures
  • Implementing predictive modeling & analytics (Customer Lifetime Value, placement, price elasticity, etc.)
  • Providing EAI expertise to large enterprises implementing new applications and platforms
  • Developing digital, web, and mobile solutions that help drive your business

Get a head start on jumping on our calendars by scheduling your meeting here. See everyone in NYC!