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Take full ownership of your resources with a data mesh architecture

Oz Digital Consulting Blog-Post-Data-Mesh-Manny-Forbes

A couple of weeks ago, OZ Chief Solutions Officer Emmanuel Ramos provided a concise-yet-comprehensive primer on data mesh in this article.

Now, he’s returned to flesh out the topic even further over at Forbes in a piece entitled “Exploring the Benefits of a Data Mesh for Your Organization.”

An excerpt:

With a data mesh architecture, there is no need for centralizing all your organization’s datasets into one place since they can be stored across different nodes in the network. This helps improve scalability since you don’t have any single points of failure or bottlenecks when dealing with large amounts of traffic or requests from different sources simultaneously.

Organizing datasets according to their respective business domains (e.g., marketing) allows producers to take full ownership and control over who has access rights at any given time due to its decentralized nature. This means that not everyone will have unrestricted access, even if they manage to get past security measures put into place around certain nodes.

Check out the entire article here.