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The Big Data Challenge – A Panel Discussion You Don’t Want to Miss

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The Big Data Challenge: Source, Validate, and Integrate Quality Data for Commercial Risk Analysis and Dramatically Increase Risk Accuracy – A Panel Discussion

Commercial Lines Innovation USA 2023 (May 16–17) is bringing together underwriters, brokers, and insurers to tackle the most pressing issues in today’s market. These experts will reflect on commercial lines’ challenges and how data, analytics, and innovative technologies can make the industry more resilient.

The conference features an impressive line-up of speakers — industry leaders and data analytics experts — keynote presentations, fireside chats, and live panel discussions.

Be on hand to hear Murray Izenwasser, Senior Vice President, Digital Strategy at OZ, share his insights on how P&C insurers can use big data to transform their underwriting and pricing operations, predict risk and drive profitability.

That’s not all. There’ll be a wide-ranging discussion on a slew of topics from data accuracy, authenticity, and quality to working with third-party data providers and more — all critical to making better underwriting decisions and mitigating risk.

Join the panel discussion to:

  • Learn where to source good, trustworthy third-party data and validate its accuracy, authenticity, and relevance to your risk prediction requirements
  • Sort the wheat from the chaff to identify the data points that will allow you to focus on information that results in better and more focused underwriting decision-making and increased profitability
  • Gain insights into how to absorb complex data models into your current system and process it for real-time use
  • Explore ways to deal with the challenge of integrating unstructured data
  • Discover how to build, control, and manage an internal data mining department and explore strategies to create your own in-house datasets
  • Work with third parties to enhance hazard risk prediction
  • Find out how to work with data mining companies and third-party data providers to extract detailed, nuanced information from potential customers
  • Uncover ways you can create a crucial hazard word search and scoring mechanism that allows for better decision-making

Conference Details

Where: Chicago, Illinois
When: May 16 – 17

Whether you sit in underwriting, distribution, operations, or claims, you’ll discover how changing risk profiles are impacting your function and more importantly, the changes you need to make to deliver valuable products and customer-enhanced services.