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WATCH NOW – Panel Discussion: Emerging Cyber Risks in the Digital Transformation Journey

Oz Digital Consulting Cyber Risk Pane

The twenty-first century presents a unique set of challenges—and not only in keeping up with the latest advances in artificial intelligence (AI), robotic process automation (RPA), and machine learning (ML) but also in integrating proper security protocols while adopting this technology and developing applications.

Such was the takeaway at Emerging Cyber Risks in the Digital Transformation Journey, a panel discussion jointly hosted by OZ Digital Consulting and 24by7 at the “world’s first theme park for entrepreneurs”—AKA, the Alan B Levan | NSU Broward Center of Innovation, home to one of the only military-grade, purpose-built cybersecurity training ranges in the nation. (You can watch a video of the entire event below.)

“Whether you’re a company startup, in growth mode, or have been around for decades,” OZ Chief Revenue Officer Doug Cohen told the audience of business owners and security experts, “being aware of what risks are out there and how to deal with those risks is something that needs to be a priority for everyone.”

As we transition to an interconnected landscape with a web and mobile application-dominated environment, security takes on all new importance—and, often, it is we who are the weakest link.

But it doesn’t have to be this way panelists 24by7 CEO & Founder Sanjay Deo, FBI Special Agent Daniel Waterman, OZ Chief Solutions Officer Emmanuel Ramos, and OZ President of Global Insurance Practice Mark Smith insisted.

“If I were to leave you with one key message,”  Smith said, “it is that protecting your assets, your data, and your customers’ data starts with looking at your application development and management standards. Identifying where and how to secure your applications begins with engaging your security team and CISO as part of your business process.”

Get in touch to learn more about leveraging reactive agencies focused on preserving the private sector, reinforcing your organizational systems, and safeguarding your applications—such as the game-changing mobile/legacy app modernization and optimization OZ provides.