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Insurance Webinar Announcement – June 15, 2022

Oz Digital Consulting Webinar Banner - Delivering Customer Experience - Mail

What: Live Webinar Topic – “Delivering the Insurance Customer-of-the-Future Experience”
When: June 15th, 2022 at 2 PM EST
Where: Zoom
How: Register

OZ Digital Consulting is partnering with Anthony O’Donnell, Executive Editor of Insurance Innovation Reporter, to host another webinar. This one-hour webinar, moderated by O’Donnell, will feature:

What to Expect

We hope you’ll leave the webinar with key insights into delivering the customer experience of the future, including:

  • What the research says about evolving customer expectations
  • Creating a seamless CX across any channel
  • Shaping CX strategy on a commodity-personalization continuum
  • Agent-Carrier collaboration across a CX platform

The Conversation Landscape

The definition of a good customer experience has changed as a matter of degree as consumers’ interaction has technology evolved. However, today insurers must look at customer experience as a difference in kind—and incorporate that insight into their plans to provide a compelling experience for the customer of the future.

Delivering a superior customer experience requires integrating a variety of technologies and parties and thinking very differently about customer experience than made sense only a few years ago. To meet customer expectations, insurers not only need to provide a sales and service experience on a par with online retailers, but increasingly they must understand their competitive value proposition as going beyond indemnification to being a risk and loss prevention consultant to their policyholders.

Superior service is often more important to today’s customers than price, and while they will reward insurers who not only meet but anticipate their needs, they will reject those who can’t provide a personalized experience available seamlessly across all their preferred channels.

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