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At the OZ lab, one of our fundamental missions is to help ideate and solve problems that benefit our clients. However, there are times that we take a pause and pick a problem that we feel passionately about and makes us think about how we can positively impact the world. The OZ Greenhouse is based […]

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Imran Sabir, OZ’s Director of Automation, was highlighted in a TechTarget article where he provides readers insights into predictive analytics among financial tools for businesses that play an increasing role in corporate planning.  “No longer limited to simply crunching numbers, today’s financial technologies can transform customer transaction data into improved operations, product development, CXs, and […]

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Director of Automation a OZ, Imran Sabir as been featured as a subject matter expert in RPA and Automation in TechBeacon’s article, “How to get started with RPA: 5 projects to consider”. Imran advises, “as newbies seek to prove the viability of RPA for their organizations, they should seek out RPA-ripe candidates with five defining […]

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OZ’s Director of Automation, Imran Sabir, has been featured in an article on TechTarget. The article pinpoints RPA and Automation leaders that are helping transform the way finance departments operate with the implementation of RPA. Robotic Process Automation can automate the tedious, manual tasks that are keeping it from evolving. #finance #RPA #robots #tech #customerexperience #CX […]

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