Webinar: Creating an Automation Strategy and Roadmap

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We often hear insurance professionals say, “I know I need to begin to automate my business and operations, but where do I start? With a policy admin system? If so, which one? Or should I focus on automating underwriting and rating capabilities?”

In this joint webinar with NAMIC, Murray Izenwasser, Senior Vice President of Digital Strategy, OZ Digital Consulting, elaborates on the essentials of an effective automation strategy — and why it matters in insurance. Tune in to get insights as he delves into the automation maturity model and roadmap and how this helps insurers prioritize automation projects, aligning with their existing automation landscape.

Key takeaways:
In this webinar, you’ll get insights into:

  • The essentials of an effective automation strategy and roadmap — what to look for and ways to think about it
  • The automation maturity model — adoption vs. complexity
  • Recognizing, guarding against, and harnessing automation sprawl


Murray Izenwasser
Senior Vice President, Digital Strategy
OZ Digital Consulting