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A Partnership That Takes on Climate Change: OZ and InnSure

A Partnership That Takes on Climate Change

In our latest press release, OZ is announcing its wide-ranging partnership with eco-focused insurance solutions facilitator, InnSure!

Our objective to empower businesses of all sizes through accelerated growth perfectly aligns with InnSure’s Climate and Risk Insurance Sandbox (CRIS) initiative, which seeks to “support the insurance industry of the future and respond to the challenges posed by climate change” through digital transformation.

Whether it be in data and analytics (DA), artificial intelligence (AI), robotic process automation (RPA), or beyond, OZ will lend its expertise in optimizing technology infrastructures for automating processes, providing real-time data to enable informed decision-making, and improving customer experiences for world-changing insurance solutions.

“Growth, innovation, transformation, and creativity are key ingredients to allow the insurance industry to continue to grow and prosper,” states OZ Chief Technology Officer Dr. Paul J. Dailo, adding that “InnSure provides all these and so much more.”

With our mastery of digital and data transformation and InnSure’s unstoppable drive for eco-centric innovation, we will push the industry forward more efficiently, effectively, and responsibly than ever!

We implore you to read more about this collaboration of the ages here!