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A six-point manifesto for navigating the AI present—and future

As Artificial Intelligence (AI) quickly shifts from decades of theoretical discussion to viable reality, we suddenly find ourselves in dire need of sharp, incisive commentary to help us make sense of its impact and opportunity.

Enter Shlomi Ron, CEO of the Miami-based Visual Storytelling Institute, whose official newsletter has become a must-read for those seeking context and insight into our current AI moment—optimistic without slipping into Pollyannish evangelism and full of thought-provoking nuggets and actionable advice. (Subscribe here.)

In light of all this, OZ recently asked Ron if he could provide our clients and readers with a concise rundown of what it will take to thrive in the Age of AI. (Download OZ’s free e-Book, Beyond the Bot: How AI is Ushering in the Next Wave of Automation here.)

Ron—who advises an impressive and diverse array of clients on how to “empower people to see themselves mirrored in visual stories that matter”—kindly replied with the following six-point mini-manifesto…

  1. Identify areas where you can implement AI within your organization.

This may include…

  • Marketing: Leverage AI for tasks such as research, copy editing, summarizing, and crafting visual mockups.
  • Customer Experience: Utilize AI for creating custom knowledge bases, providing personalized recommendations, and designing chatbots and virtual assistants.
  • Optimization: Improve cost and efficiency of business workflows with the aid of AI-driven strategies.
  • Decision Making: Let AI analyze vast databases, offering valuable recommendations and predictions.

Additionally, explore other high-priority domains in your organization.

  1. While AI is transformative, it isn’t always accurate. Always cross-check any AI-generated content before incorporating it into your final product. 
  1. Handling corporate sensitive data with AI demands utmost caution. Ensure robust measures are in place to avert privacy breaches, data misuse, and unintended biases.
  1. When leveraging AI for content, don’t merely copy and paste its output, be it text or visuals. This can risk copyright issues—and also rob your content of your unique human voice. Remember, AI should augment, not replace. 
  1. Set up an AI oversight body or council within your organization. This will help in framing an AI usage policy and crafting guidelines that ensure ethical and efficient AI deployment. 
  1. The AI wave is undeniable. As posited by Goldman Sachs, AI has the potential to displace 300 million jobs globally. On the flip side, it could augment annual GDP by 7% in the next decade. Stay abreast of the latest in AI—it’s an ever-evolving field.

Embracing AI offers vast potential, but it’s imperative to do so thoughtfully and responsibly.

Ready to learn how AI can accelerate your business, reduce your downside, and boost opportunities? Check out the OZ menu of Data Analytics and AI offerings or reach out today.