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A Virtual World of Possibilities

Oz Digital Consulting virtuality-transforming

The real magic behind the success of virtual reality (VR)—and the outpouring of resources to perfect it—is the suspension of disbelief.

We enter a world uniquely tailored to the human element, much like when reading a book or watching a movie, for specific experiences that are otherwise impossible.

Virtual reality allows us to explore any simulated environment—a safe space where you can dive into interpersonal relationships uninhibited by sickness, location, or political boundaries.

And the pandemic is the perfect example of how technology, paired with this principle, allows us to skyrocket past physical barriers and into a “new normal.”

VR offers endless potential for the consumer market, from browsing a binary grocery store without leaving your house to playing games that help diagnose ADHD. But it’s also a powerhouse for enterprise applications, especially with Web 3.0 integration.

Here are a few ways VR is evolving business…

  1. Immersive sales and marketing presentations
    Nike recently partnered with Roblox to create the ultimate sales and marketing conglomerate, NIKELAND.
    Although atypical in the way it promotes shoes and clothing through an online movement-based game with over 7 million active users, it proves the viability of leveraging digitally rendered 3D products.
    Broader uses could include potential customers browsing a virtual showroom floor for their next vehicle or even running application demos on a virtual machine (VM) for clients in any setting.
  2. Employee Training
    Employee education and training are critical for organizations with hazardous work environments. Learning and development programs lay the groundwork for their success. VR can enable employees to emulate anything from exit procedures to assembly lines and avoid common on-site injuries.
  3. Remote Collaboration
    Teams rely on cohesion to promote growth and work culture, often coming against its common adversary: distance. A virtual office space gives employees a social presence experience no matter where they are and—in the case of companies like EventFy—even offer end-to-end encrypted events and private meeting spaces.

VR has finally reached the intersection of capability and affordability—now is the time to take advantage of it.

Adopting the latest technology to augment your organization may be your key to competitive advantage. Contact us to kickstart your digital transformation journey with our suite of tools and services for virtual integration.