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Core Values and Community Outreach

Oz Digital Consulting Conversational AI

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Empathy. Positivity. Outcome-Focused. Constant evolution. Success as a team.

These five core values are the foundation of OZ Digital Consulting. No matter the industry focus, technology specialty, or department, our team members embody these values and showcase them daily within our offices (and home offices) as well as in the community. Team members in Asia, South America, and the U.S. have found ways to give back by participating in annual toy drives, supplies for women’s shelters, beach cleanups, and more, sharing our core values even outside of the workplace.


Our core values, defined in the community

Empathize. Being able to recognize the power and the limitations that come with being human is important to all of us. The mutual recognition of our community members and the diversity within each community is a special part of this core value and is what pushes us to do more by giving back.

Be Positive. The past few years have brought many challenges and forced all of us to adjust accordingly. With major life adjustments, we strive to remember the importance of the smallest amounts of positivity. We remind each other that health, wellness, and work-life balance are the important ways we can find positivity within our community. Each day, OZ team members reflect this in minor and in grand ways. We celebrate the ability to be positive and to spread that positivity in our communities.

Focus on the Outcome. Our positivity and ‘can do’ attitudes combined with creative thinking drives our business and technical expertise to help us transform our clients’ businesses. We are a team that works together to reach the same objective while using each person’s strengths to get us there. Community projects build strong connections while we focus on how we can make positive impacts in our communities.

Evolve Constantly. Our team is incredibly enthusiastic about continuous learning and professional development. Each month, employees earn numerous certifications which we as a company honor and celebrate. As a result, we can better assist our clients and improve our skillsets as technology evolves. Likewise, every volunteering experience or community project we participate in helps us evolve, not only as a team but also as human beings.

Succeed as a Team. Differences in ethnicity, homeland, language, skillset, and many other factors that are hurdles for many organizations are strengths for OZ. We take pride in working with and learning from our teams who may speak different primary languages, live in separate communities, and even separate continents. Our culture welcomes diversity and celebrates uniqueness, and in many ways drives the high-quality work we deliver for our clients.

OZ is a leading digital consulting company whose services and solutions leverage Intelligent Automation to drive efficiencies, provide detailed business insights, and improve decision-making and customer satisfaction. Our people are our key differentiator, and our five core values exemplify who we are and drive high levels of employee satisfaction.

If you are looking for a career at a company that helps companies thrive through technology innovation, while having a company culture that is empathetic, positive, outcome-focused, constantly evolving, and succeeds as a team, then click here to learn about careers at OZ.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]