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Digital Transformation and the Value it Brings to Marketing


At OZ, we are immersed in digital transformation. We provide innovative technology solutions and services focused on customer experience (CX). Our clients in the travel, life sciences, health care, high-technology, financial services, and retail industries engage with OZ to enhance CX for their customers, or to improve internal processes and business activities, among other things.

What Digital Transformation for Marketing Looks Like?

Digital transformation is changing many elements of business, and the value it brings to marketing shouldn’t be underestimated. The last few decades have seen the rise of the internet age, and the proliferation of digital technology and media. Today, digital media goes far beyond impressions – it’s interactive, and it provides marketers much more accurate, in-depth metrics from campaigns.

Digital transformation in marketing refers to the process of refining your digital channels to gain deeper insights that inform your approach and improve customers’ journeys. This might mean assessing and refining your digital channels, like your website, inbound marketing funnel or customer database. When combined with thoughtful messages and marketing, digital transformation makes a brand memorable and provides the opportunity to show customers and employees not only what the brand is all about, but why they should align themselves with its products, mission or style.

How Marketers Can Leverage Digitally Transformed Strategies

This summary of steps is a great review of how marketers can implement digitally transformed strategies. Here are the steps Mutiny Asia founder Nick Fawbert offers in the piece:

1. Focus on the Data – If data is siloed, it is difficult to know where your customers are in their journey. Unify data across divisions and with external partners.

2. Use Automation – Marketers must have a high level of control over their channels in order to personalize the experience for customers. This level of control allows them to identify inflection points and ensure satisfaction at every stage.

3. Optimize with Analytics – Analytics allow marketers to capture and analyze consumer behaviors across digital channels. Using this data will help make changes to optimize the marketing strategy.

While OZ continues to digitally transform our customers’ businesses, I’m excited to continue to work with our senior management, communications team, and other stakeholders to enhance our own, continuous, digital evolution.