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Doctor offices go mobile

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As the call to meet customers where they’re at grows ever-louder, organizations are answering with multi-channel communication, artificially intelligent (AI) voice assistants, and unique customer profiles—and healthcare, where researchers are increasingly tapping into the diagnostic potential of mobile devices, is no exception.

“It’s very hard to put devices into the patient home or in the hospital,” Artisight CEO Dr. Andrew Gostine tells Health News Florida, “but everybody is just walking around with a cellphone that has a network connection.”

Today, more than 86% of the world’s population owns a mobile device with advanced sensors like accelerometers, gyroscopes, or even LiDAR—a standard for all Pro iPhone models since Apple’s introduction of the iPhone 12 Pro—and capable of downloading sophisticated applications.

Availability, connectivity, and native technology are precisely why cell phones are potent diagnostic tools for measuring vital signs or conducting wellness checks—mainly in the form of apps.

Bridging the gap between software and device, they generally rely on AI to process and translate your phone’s onboard data into an easy-to-understand diagnosis.

Case in point: Google recently purchased Seattle-based startup Sound Life Sciences, gaining proprietary use of an FDA-cleared app that uses sonar via inaudible pulses from your phone’s speaker to monitor breathing—solidifying themselves as a major potential player in remote respiratory care.

And a report from Grand View Research guarantees the longevity of this new medical practice trend.

Over 350,000 digital health products live across different app stores—proving organizations are already investing in the marketability—and earning potential—of digital patient-physician interactions.

So, are you ready for innovation that rivals a tech giant?

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