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Finding the balance between innovation and human-centered customer experience

Oz Digital Consulting Paul

There’s no turning back now…

Thanks to innovations in digital banking, today’s consumers have easier, faster, and more efficient access to their finances than ever before.

So, how can traditional branches adapt to this digital shift while still maintaining a seamless customer experience?

First, let’s define the terms:

Digital transformation in banking refers to a multi-pronged process of upgrading technology, implementing new digital tools, adopting new platforms, and integrating all data and system functionality to better serve users and employees. This process can include everything from developing a mobile banking app or website to implementing in-branch technology such as interactive teller machines (ITMs).

One of the key trends in digital transformation for banking has been the shift from analog to digital processes. This shift was accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, which saw many institutions invest in digital transformation initiatives to accommodate the sharp decline in branch visitors. However, smaller institutions are often slower to adopt digital transformation initiatives, due to factors such as staff shortages and loss of revenue.

To achieve digital transformation success, banks and credit unions must foster a culture of innovation and embrace tools such as artificial intelligence, Big Data, biometrics, digital signage, integrated content programs, and self-service tools.

It is also important to define clear goals for digital transformation, such as improving the customer experience, reducing operating costs, streamlining operations, and increasing profitability.

While digital transformation is critical for banking institutions, it is important to remember that customer experience remains at the heart of quality financial service interactions.

Institutions that prioritize customer service have a solid foundation on which to build their digital future—and should from there focus on providing comprehensive employee training that covers practical skills instruction and best customer service practices.

Trust, excellent customer care, and doing a great job will ensure your success.

Ready to begin your own digital transformation journey? Contact OZ and we’ll place not only the latest tools and strategies at your disposal but also more than a quarter century of expertise and experience.