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How OZ Application Innovation Experts Help Foster Community

How OZ Application Innovation Experts Help Foster Community

In mid-2020, at the height of the pandemic, Jason R. Hill—founder of Client Focused Advisors and host of the Boca Raton Shrimp Tank business podcast—alone in his car, was struck with a disquieting epiphany.

“I realized I could only listen to music, a podcast, or an audiobook,” Hill tells CIO Tech World in a fascinating and inspiring interview. “If I glanced at my phone and its extensive contacts list, I couldn’t just call anyone spontaneously. It seemed odd that with so many contacts, there was no easy way to initiate a conversation. People were craving connections and conversations, especially during a time of limited human interaction due to the pandemic.

“Around the same period, we witnessed a surge in the popularity of podcasts, indicating a growing need for meaningful discussions,” he continued. “However, there was no platform facilitating impromptu conversations among like-minded individuals.”

Enter Owwll, a revolutionary new “social networking platform that connects people instantly through private 1-on-1 audio calls.”

Though the entire interview is well worth your time, the following section detailing how OZ Digital Consulting helped make the Owwll web application a reality is a tale we proudly excerpt below:

“I reached out to Oz Digital Consulting and proposed the idea: could they develop a specific technology?” Hill explained. “Amjad Shamim, the CEO, and his son Sam Jafri, the Client Advisor at OZ Digital Consulting appeared on my podcast, Boca Raton Shrimp Tank. Knowing their background in app development and that they were working on a COVID app at the time, I shared my concept with them.

“Sam had this unique idea: to build an app allowing people to make in-app calls on demand without revealing their phone numbers. Privacy in conversations was a key aspect.

“The pivotal moment happened in August 2020. We engaged in a rigorous 3-4-week Minimum Viable Product (MVP) session with OZ Digital Consulting. Daily, we brainstormed and created different elements, envisioning what Owwll is today.

“At the end of this immersive experience, we had an extensive 100-page document outlining Owwll’s potential, complete with various wireframes. A significant decision lay ahead. I had invested a few thousand dollars in the MVP. I could have compiled this into a PDF PowerPoint and tried to secure funding, or explored other options, getting competitive quotes.

“So, I got multiple quotes to better understand the potential costs and what others thought of the project. After evaluating all options, I was impressed with what OZ had to offer. Around 2-3 months after the original MVP was completed, we reached a business agreement in November. Legalities were settled in November and December, and development commenced in January 2021. We made it happen.”

To learn more about how OZ can help accelerate your digital transformation, visit our website, download the free e-book Unlocking the Power & Promise of Today’s Modern Applications, or schedule a consultation today.