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Insurtech Insights Americas 2022: A Recap

Oz Digital Consulting Email banner ITIUS2022

Last week, representatives from OZ made their way to New York City as Bronze-level sponsors of this year’s Insurtech Insights Americas…and what a week it was! As a proud and enthusiastic sponsor of this event, OZ attendees explored potential business relationships and made a few friends along the way.

Our attendees included:

With many conversations and numerous informative and thought-provoking sessions, the team walked away with two primary key takeaways:

  1. The insurance industry is a data minefield that needs help moving, storing, and securing structured and unstructured data as legacy systems are updated and strict regulations are enforced. This was good news for OZ. Past and current clients are utilizing the integration technologies and strategies that OZ consultants employ. Integration is a core pillar of the work OZ does in the insurance industry. It was helpful to learn that these technologies are useful to not only carriers, but insurtechs as well.
  2. Many are unfamiliar with the meaning of the term “Intelligent Automation.” In some conversations, people wanted more information on how OZ’s technologies are “intelligent” and wanted to know what that could mean for them, and rightfully so. OZ’s technologies and accelerators make up roughly 50 different solutions. Some are simple, like Process Mining and Discovery, or Cloud Migration, and some use automation, integration, and transformative technologies. However, as digital consultants to the insurance industry, OZ uses its experiences and technologies to set up clients for success by ensuring each technology or process is appropriately automated and can communicate to build a rules-based repertoire of knowledge, allowing the enterprise to progressively get smarter and eliminate mundane tasks by implementing Robotic Process Automation, Data Analytics, and additional accelerators.

OZ really enjoyed being a part of this growing community and we cannot wait to participate next year! If you attended Insurtech Insights, we’d love to hear about your key takeaways from the conference.