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6 Reasons for Your Team Should Adopt Intelligent Process Automation

6 Reasons for Your Team Should Adopt Intelligent Process Automation
  1. Thanks to the adoption of Intelligent Process Automation, insurers have taken time-consuming processes off of busy teams and have begun to delight customers with better, faster, and more accurate services.
  2. The process of adopting automated processes is not as hard as some people think, especially when you have an experienced consultant guiding you through it.
  3. As you begin to migrate—one step and one process at a time—the time for your team will free up and allow them to focus on higher ranking business goals.

The need for better results—accessed through digital tools and processes—is changing insurance. Businesses absorbing the impact of a disruptive market are now leveraging data collected from every aspect of operations to profit increases. Fueled by rising competition, Property and Casualty Insurance (P&C) industry management teams are rethinking how they work, and data is the gold that is sparking the adoption of Intelligent Process Automation (IPA).

Some automated functions that businesses can access once they adopt intelligent process automation are:

  1. Policy underwriting
  2. Claims processing
  3. Reinsurance management
  4. Customer support services
  5. Invoice processing and payments
  6. Security and fraud anomaly detection

While having the ability to improve all aspects of a business, IPA can also perform many industry-specific functions for P&C insurers, saving them time and money. Overall, intelligent process automation provides humans with the bandwidth needed to prioritize issues requiring direct customer interaction and gives them the opportunity to focus on tasks that offer a higher value than data entry or review.

Delivering these processes faster with a broader scope and fewer errors can reduce business stress and make things more efficient and satisfying for customers and employees. And happy customers are loyal customers—who love to share their experiences with other colleagues and friends. What’s not to like in this picture?

How Do P&C Insurers Implement Intelligent Process Automation?

There are many aspects to beginning this process. Four tips will get you started, as you gain a complete understanding of the automation process and how it will impact your team before you pick up the phone.

#1 Identify What’s Slowing You Down

One thing many P&C insurers are responding to is a leaner resource pool. Traditionally, fewer workers on the job (whether in-person or remotely) has meant more work and longer hours for remaining team members, not the case with IPA. File management, appointment scheduling, and repetitive tasks can all be automated. If this describes your P&C insurance company, IPA could bring a massive burst of momentum to your staff.

An experienced digital software consultant can take you and your team through the process of intelligent automation, surfacing pain points, and determining the right approach. Stakeholders can include staff and, in some cases, even suppliers and business partners. It is essential to address the end-to-end challenges you face each day.

No issue is too small or insignificant. At times, the more minor challenges can raise flags on larger, unseen problems. That is why your entire staff needs to be involved in the earliest stages of the IPA implementation process.

#2 Start With Your Highest Priorities

Take a survey among your staff as to what improvements they’d like to see first. Here is a list of priorities that frequently come up in the insurance industry.

  • Adoption of digital transformation processes and technologies to help keep up with a digitally savvy customer base.
  • Removing unnecessary burdens from busy employees through automating processes.
  • Implement reports and dashboards to enable transparency across your agency and disseminate information across your workforce in real-time.
  • Automate claims processing and policy underwriting to ensure timely response to customers and speed up service delivery by prioritizing exceptions and sensitive cases to humans while redirecting repetitive tasks to bots.
  • Reduce compliance risks through software solutions that record audit trails and transaction histories and generate reports or dashboard screens for transparency.

#3 Develop A Basic Strategy For How You Will Adopt Intelligent Process Automation

Once your management team has identified the highest priority, it’s time to prepare for the automation.

  • Identify tasks to automate
  • Align human-performed tasks with higher-ranking business goals
  • Solve your most significant challenge first
  • Schedule training
  • Build enthusiasm within your team for the coming results

When this is complete, it is time to reach out to a digital consultant with the expertise to take you through the process of getting your P&C insurance business automated.

#4 Measure Ongoing Results

Once you automate, be ready to track your progress with solid metrics and celebrate success along the way. You will undoubtedly have more time to do it. Take the automation process from the drawing board to implementation.

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