Mulesoft – Implementation Made Easy

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Mulesoft is part of the microservice architectures that we at OZ offer our clients. Our digital consulting practice typically recommends this solution after going through an involved discovery process that reveals many of the client’s pain points. Though this process takes a few weeks, you don’t have to wait that long before realizing it could be a valuable tool for you!

What is MuleSoft?

Our clients want their customers’ interactions to be seamless. They want them to have a connected experience and don’t expect their customers to feel the rough edges of the organization’s backend. Mulesoft connects any device, data, and application using Automatic Programming Interfaces (APIs) to create a smooth exchange of information and experience.

APIs make it easy to unify data to deliver a single view of the customer, automate business processes, and build connected experiences. APIs are also modular tools that can be applied to many different use cases throughout an organization, accelerating IT delivery and innovation!

Why is API integration essential?

Mulesoft’s popularity has increased since the workplace started transitioning from an analog to a digital landscape. It’s been part of the overall discussion about Digital Transformation because almost 75% of organizations’ customer interactions are now digital. With customers moving to the internet, project speeds are increasing, and so is the pressure to decrease time to market.

The need for modernization has never been greater! So at the risk of losing millions of dollars in revenue, companies pour significant resources into application development and other IT projects. The issue that many are running into during their Digital Transformation is integration.

Application development is at the core of improving customer experience. However, with organizations having no ability for them to work together, only about 30% of developed applications are utilized. APIs ensure that everything works together perfectly so you can take advantage of the time and effort put into development.

Why Should I Choose MuleSoft?

Handling integration on your own comes with a few challenges. IT budgets for organizations have increased to compensate for higher demand. On the surface, that sounds great! It sounds as if resources are going where they need to as companies undergo modernization.

Beneath the surface, IT is spending almost 3/4ths of its budget on maintaining current infrastructures. There’s nothing left to keep the march of change moving forward! Not enough to create lasting, sustainable change at an acceptable pace.

Clients need a solution that allows them to channel as much energy into innovation and development as is necessary to remain competitive in the market. MuleSoft is a platform that can let them achieve that.

How Can I Implement MuleSoft?

Undergoing digital transformation by implementing technologies like Mulesoft is the solution for keeping up with this online renaissance. MuleSoft users actualized an ROI of 445% within three years and freed up 90% of developer time by taking the focus off APIs and integration. A trusted Digital Consulting agency like OZ can help you achieve the same limitless possibilities!

All the information discussed here can be reiterated or expounded on by any of our OZ team experts. By filling out this form, you can get connected and begin your journey to seamless integration.