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New OZ Digital Consulting CRO Brings Extensive Experience, “Winning Mindset”

Steph PR Announcement

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla.May 12, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — OZ Digital Consulting, a South Florida-based company leveraging modern technologies that empower businesses to digitally transform and accelerate growth globally, has announced Stephane Abitan as its new Chief Revenue Officer.

“Steph comes to OZ with an extremely impressive background in corporate sales and strategic marketing—and he has proven his ability to deliver professional services to a wide range of markets over and over,” OZ CEO Amjad Shamim says. “Beyond that, however, Steph possesses the kind of winning mindset that not only helps propel a vision forward but also inspires those around him. At this exciting moment in our company’s history, as OZ innovates on multiple fronts, these are attributes that will no doubt prove very valuable.”

Abitan launched his career at ADP where he sold in multiple markets, led teams, and worked in Corporate Sales Operations, creating incentive programs that drove sales, managed sales policies, and helped successfully shepherd several customer acquisitions—all while earning his master’s degree in leadership and management from Nova Southeastern University.

From ADP, Abitan joined a top-tiered Microsoft Dynamics Implementor, Tribridge, further expanding his strategic partnership experience. Progressing into a sales leadership position, Abitan took a team from $10 million in sales revenue to ultimately running the company’s Dynamics Practice and grossing over $150 million in revenue. Tribridge was purchased by DXC in 2017 and Abitan played an integral role in helping DXC sell its Dynamics practice to multiple buyers including Ernst & Young in 2022.

“My core leadership principles include enterprise sales, forging and leading strategic partnerships, and creating a fun and fast-paced environment that challenges sellers to be bold and knowledgeable in pursuit of each sales opportunity,” Abitan says. “On the leadership side, I like to nurture an environment in which the team feels comfortable thinking differently about how they approach their tech strategy.

“And that is what excites me about joining OZ,” he continues. “I’ll have the chance to put all of that experience to work in a creative, visionary, results-driven environment—at a time when the company’s hard-won, deep expertise and unique approach to digital transformation and acceleration has the potential to change the game for clients across the business landscape.”

Steph will oversee the sales team for OZ as well as help continue to build and evolve the company’s overall strategy.

See Press Release on PRNewswire here.