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OZ Chief Solutions Officer Emmanuel Ramos joins Forbes Technology Council

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OZ is honored to announce that the Forbes Technology Council—an invitation-only organization that brings together senior-level technology executives to share and deepen their “deep knowledge and diverse expertise”—has recruited Chief Solutions Officer Emmanuel Ramos to join its ranks.

“Joining the Forbes Tech Council is a privilege and an opportunity to share experiences—informed by our work with clients—among fellow forum members,” Ramos says. “I look forward to learning new approaches to accelerate innovation from other members and sharing some of the transformational processes and techniques that we use to partner with clients to accelerate their growth.”

“While as his colleague I am of course to some degree biased, I believe the decision to invite our Chief Solutions Officer Emmanuel Ramos to the Forbes Technology Council was an incredibly wise one that will pay very real dividends,” OZ CEO Amjad Shamim adds. “Manny’s unique ability to formulate actionable strategic direction and provide incisive thought leadership will no doubt be a real boon to both the Council and Forbes’ readership.”

Other members of Ramos’ Forbes Technology Council cohort include Jitterbit CTO and SVP of Engineering Manoj Chaudhary, Virtualware Founder and CEO Unai Extremo, Cardio Diagnostics CEO and Co-Founder Meesha Dogan, and Vendo CEO and Co-Founder Mike Faber.

We congratulate each of these new members and look forward to learning from the contributions they provide insights and inspiration alongside Ramos whether through articles, Q&As, collaborations, or virtual events.

To learn more visit OZ or the Forbes Technology Council homepage.

Check out what Ramos had to say about cybersecurity in the age of digital transformation here.