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OZ Continues to Digitally Transform Patient Experience

OZ Digital Blog Post | OZ Continues to Digitally Transform Patient Experience in Healthcare, Joins Several Local Organizations

Our company name, OZ, may be new, but we have been a part of the South Florida community for over 20 years. Our approach to digital transformation has helped more than 400 Florida-based businesses in a wide range of industries – travel and hospitality, retail, life sciences and health care, financial services, and high-tech.

Life sciences and health care is an important industry for OZ’s business and one of the largest in South Florida. OZ is helping organizations usher in a new era of health care where the emphasis has shifted to a patient-centric model that focuses on innovation, greater transparency and data-driven insights to provide better patient experiences.

In recent months, we have joined several local organizations in South Florida to continue our active involvement in the community and industries we serve. Read on to learn more about the great member organizations focused on health care and economic development that we are proud to be a part of.

Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce

For more than a century, the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce has been a social and economic engine guiding Miami through history, from a small seaside hamlet to an international business and finance leader of the global economy.

ACHE | South Florida Healthcare Executive Forum

The South Florida Healthcare Executive Forum, Inc. (SFHEF), the local chapter of the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE), is organized to improve healthcare delivery by providing opportunities for the professional development of its members through educational and social activities.

HIMSS South Florida

The South Florida Chapter of the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (SFLHIMSS) was organized to promote the professional development of members, to improve the reputation of the profession and to encourage advancement in the field of health care management systems. The organization’s objectives are to promote the sharing of ideas and experiences, work on joint projects at the local level and to provide a forum for meeting and networking among local professionals in the field of healthcare computing and telecommunications.


BioFlorida is the voice of Florida’s life sciences industry, representing 6,200 establishments and research organizations in biopharmaceuticals, medical technology, healthIT and bioagriculture sectors that collectively employ 87,000 Floridians.

Patient-Centered Primary Care Collaborative

Founded in 2006, the Patient-Centered Primary Care Collaborative (PCPCC) is a not-for-profit multi-stakeholder membership organization dedicated to advancing an effective and efficient health system built on a strong foundation of primary care and the patient-centered medical home. Representing a broad group of public and private organizations, the PCPCC’s mission is to unify and engage diverse stakeholders in promoting policies and sharing best practices that support growth of high-performing primary care and achieve the “Quadruple Aim”: better care, better health, lower costs, and greater joy for clinicians and staff in delivery of care.

We look forward to participating in upcoming events and networking with members. If you are planning on attending upcoming events for any of these organizations, please reach out.