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Redefining Success Innovation Through Digital Transformation

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What is Digital Transformation?

You see it everywhere you look, but the definition may vary from source to source. For our conversation, digital transformation is understanding the issues with current processes and modifying or creating new solutions with the latest technology tools available to meet current market demands. These innovative solutions help us transform how we conduct everyday business, communicate with clients, and engage with customers.

The need for this digital renaissance is ever-increasing as companies worldwide struggle to keep up with the evolving landscape around them. We can no longer be idle in the race for innovation when a competitor has already implemented the latest technology solution, while you are working with outdated systems.

When it comes to revolutionary efficiency, being left behind isn’t a problem unique to you. This issue affects every company relying on their original systems but is now having trouble with expansion. Perhaps your company initially grew at astronomical rates. Success came easy, but now business growth is flat or declining. How can you reclaim that growth when your legacy infrastructure restrains you? Or maybe you see competitors succeeding, and you are unaware of the limitations holding you back.

Okay, it’s defined. Now, where does my transition start?

Your path to digital transformation starts when you are aware of your current limitations. Understanding the limits of your existing technology stack directly correlates to understanding the level you must take your digital transformation.

When the Internet developed into a viable tool for organizations, the media industry analyzed current capabilities measured against what could be possible by implementing this incredible emerging technology. Amazon was a pioneer in the field. They quickly understood the issues related to consumers ordering and then waiting days to enjoy books or music shipped to them. Amazon also understood that integrating the new capabilities of upload/download speeds, audio, visual compression, and server capacities could take the scope of their marketplace to the next level. Amazon was able to expand its platform for online shopping into an interconnected media consumption matrix. Consumers can now shop online for millions of products while finding instant gratification through e-books, audiobooks, and video streaming.

Their transformation required knowing both what they were capable of at the time, and where they could take their platform through strategy and technology.

If I understand all aspects, how do I accomplish the transformation?

When you approach your digital journey, make sure your organizational goals and vision are clear. Typically, companies partner with digital consultancies, like OZ, to help them map the goals and vision with the functionality that is needed to achieve them.

A good digital consultancy will help identify tangible deliverables, allowing you to visualize your current operation’s data points, giving new life to the information you may not have been able to view holistically. The visualization is a highly effective way for you to grasp the weight of inefficiencies and start to structure the specific solutions tailored to your goals.

The next step in the transformation process is a seemingly unspoken but pivotal point. It is to absorb all of the visualized data so you, along with all participating team members, can get on the same page for the final push towards your organizational metamorphosis. Progress is often halted or slowed because not all parties are aligned around a unified vision.

The guided research, visualization, and discussion will illuminate which technologies and partner offerings best support the outlined architecture. With solutions from Microsoft, UI Path, Mulesoft, and other technology providers, there are many ways to approach your areas of growth. Partnering with a digital consultancy like OZ will drive the conversation to sharpen your custom solution further. Your proprietary finished product will be a well-polished collaboration of team effort and technological capability!

Starting the conversation about undergoing the process of digital transformation can seem daunting. OZ Digital Consulting makes it easier to begin this process and handle all technical and maintenance aspects of the change. Your journey to redefined success starts with filling out this form for us to connect, and we will take it from there. We can’t wait to be part of your story!