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Robots: An Efficient Solution for The Staffing Crisis

Oz Digital Consulting LG Robots Title

Innovation has been the cornerstone of hospitality since the first roads began to spiderweb across Europe—and so it should come as no surprise that it is within this industry that viable solutions to the ongoing staffing crisis of the last few years are incubating.  

Or, perhaps more accurately, charged up 

Enter LG’s CLOi ServeBot—an intelligently automated service assistant equipped with LiDAR and a 3D camera. 

A plastic body with a heart of gold 

The optical insight CLOi gets from this cutting-edge technology allows the ServeBot to move freely and safely regardless of indoor layout. High ceilings, areas of limited maneuverability, and complex paths are no match for this bot’s spatial awareness. 

This intuition further compliments its ability to tackle multi-point serving without skipping a beat! 

Utilizing cruise mode, you can set the ServeBot to follow a preset pre-set path with stopover points that you map yourself. 

CLOi will gladly go table-to-table at top speeds of 1.0m/s serving dishes, cutlery, and condiments—only moving along its planned path when sensors indicate the customer removed their items and are entirely content. 

Further, behind every smiling 9.2-inch display is the ability to communicate in six different languages—a perfect fit for the inclusive workspace. 

The cherry on top? 

 Installation is an easy and disruption-free process you can complete in as little as 79 minutes. 

Capture the innovation with OZ 

Are intelligent automata one answer to the emerging issues of our age?  

Doug Price of Hospitality Update certainly seems to think so. 

“The growth area for robotics in hotels today,” he writes, “is where mobile robots serve as an extension of human staff.”  

Regardless of brand, automated service agents are a genuine answer for an industry striving to grow during economic variability. These programmable force multipliers empower you to rapidly implement a support system of tireless workers that happily handle menial tasks that impact guest experiences. 

OZ is dedicated to highlighting solutions like the LG CLOi ServeBot that propel you past your pain points and into untold success. 

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