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The 8 Secrets to Building Your Cloud Management Skillset

The 8 Secrets to Building Your Cloud Management Skillset

A crib sheet for aspiring cloud computing architects and engineers

By Hassan Zaheer – Director, Digital Solutions

The demand for professionals with the skills to make the most of the flexibility and scalability of cloud-based systems is growing almost as quickly as…well, the adoption of cloud-based systems secrets.

Here are the eight skills cloud computing architects and engineers should nurture and develop to better answer that call.

  1. Programming Languages. Cloud computing brings with it unlimited data handling capabilities. So, programmers who work with cloud would be wise to become expert coders. As opposed to generic languages such as C, C++, Java, cloud developer skillsets should include knowledge of data-oriented ones like Ruby and Python.
  2. Data Management. Cloud-based development and applications are invariably accompanied by the need to manage and make sense of huge amounts of data—much of it is unstructured. This will include the ability to store and access data. For this, knowledge of database query languages is essential. While SQL is popular, some of the other important ones include Hadoop and MongoDB. These cloud computing job skills will allow you to set up and configure databases as well.
  3.  DevOps. DevOps refers to the software development approach that selectively allows automation to get the most out of an application. Professionals who understand the entire software lifecycle and development process in cloud computing can add value by improving operational efficiency.
  4. Serverless Architecture. Tighten your focus on individual functions and application code by moving away from the need to host and manage servers—and placing the responsibility for scaling capacity to demand on the cloud provider. To accomplish this familiarize yourself with cloud platforms such as AWS or find out how OZ experts can complement your project and/or needs.
  5. Cloud Migration. Organizations may need to migrate from native IT setups to cloud platforms. They could also need to migrate from one cloud platform to another. Such work requires advanced skills in cloud computing. Professionals need to ensure data integrity and security even as they minimize downtime during the process.

In light of this, it is a smart move to upgrade with these key multiple platform skills needed for cloud computing:

  1. Cloud Security. The use of the internet for the transmission and storage of sensitive, business-critical data makes cloud security a crucial concern. The smallest security breach could place companies and their clients at risk. Cyber security professionals must understand common risks, and vulnerabilities with regard to cloud architecture security, cloud application security, and more—one of the most in-demand cloud computing skills.
  2. Machine Learning & AI. AI and machine learning have grown into key markets alone. When coupled with cloud computing, however, the potential for innovation is massive: Become conversant in cloud-based applications that utilize AI and machine learning tools and services to stand out in this highly potent and fast-expanding field.
  3. Quality Assurance. Cloud computing models adopted can vary from a private or public model to a hybrid of the two. QA skills are essential to apply best practices and ensure the best quality from the chosen cloud service mode

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From maximizing current technology assets and keeping on top of the latest cybersecurity developments to facilitating cloud migration and integrating new technologies, holistic IT planning and management is critical to ensuring your hardware, software, and human resources are optimized and effective.

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