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The Benefit of a Bot

Oz Digital Consulting The Benefit of a Bot-01

What Are Bots?

When we hear the word robot, I’m sure some iconic stereotypes come to mind. Perhaps you’re thinking of some time-traveling war machine resembling a human with capabilities that exceed even the greatest extent of our natural ability.

If our reality was filmed and directed by James Cameron, that might be true! The fact is that, traditionally, when we hear robot, or “bot,” it’s referring to software. Though it’s not physical, a bot can still simulate most defined, repetitive tasks or jobs humans perform. It’s a digital asset that promises endless returns when properly utilized!

What Can a Bot Do?

Many types of bots exist! For every repeatable task that a human can perform, there’s a bot that can replicate it. They exist to support areas such as chat, social media, web crawling, transactions, and monitoring but certainly aren’t limited to them.

Are Bots Good For Personal Use?

It always happens. For most, it’s around three o’clock. We pull our faces away from the stale coffee that’s been sitting for hours and say, “Really? How is it not five yet?” Most of the time, our midday lethargy settles in when we realize we are about to sit and repeat the same process we’ve been doing all day. The monotony has laid to rest your productivity and possibly your sanity.

If this tale of office horror resonates with you, a personal bot could be in your future! You will save countless hours with an automated process that extracts information from emails, logs customer orders, or adds information to your website. Though the concept may seem foreign, implementing a bot as your assistant will make work/life balance easier and create consistency for your organization.

Are Bots Better Together?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is when many bots work together with specific software. It creates a system that combines machine learning with artificial intelligence to create a more realistic, practical, and efficient approach to automation. By utilizing this digital workforce, you can accomplish complicated tasks with greater consistency and accuracy around the clock.

Will Bots Make a Brighter Future?

Whereas one bot is valuable enough in its own right, RPA allows you to complete jobs that require a higher level of sophistication on a larger scale. Recent research shows that companies who use RPA complete work at a rate 70% higher than an all-human workforce. The proof that this technology exceeds as a tool to increase productivity is all around us, so long as we can properly utilize it.

Even with the heights we can reach by using RPA, there is much more for us to achieve as the technology continues to develop. Proficiency, use cases, and client support will evolve, and the list of things RPA can improve will grow exponentially. All this while labor costs steadily rise and technological infrastructure becomes more accessible.

We will see a future where organizations worldwide adopt bots and RPA into everyday operations and improve countless fields. As this transition occurs, it’s essential to have the right digital solutions company supporting you. OZ will happily highlight where implementation is possible and ensure your integrated technology will benefit you for years to come.