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The Cruise Might Be Over, But the Need for Exceptional Customer Experience Continues


Imagine this: you are sailing away from the crystal blue, serene waters of the Caribbean, about to dock on land and walk off the cruise ship; your vacation has come to an end.

The end of any vacation can be a bit depressing, but it’s made even more so if you’ve experienced poor customer experiences (CX). The departure stage is a time for guests to reflect on their entire cruise, and the most innovative cruise lines are using digital technologies to enhance the customer experience before, during and following departure, leaving a lasting impression with guests. Cruise lines should seize this opportunity to interact with guests while the experience is still fresh while continuing to enhance CX and build brand loyalty.

We previously talked about how digital innovations enhance the customer experience before and during a cruise, but it is as important at the end of the trip. Let’s take a look at a few examples of innovation driving CX after the cruise is over.


Point of Views at the End of the Cruise

Getting Home – Arriving home from a wonderful trip can cause mixed emotions. As cruise guests disembark, it is critical that the transition is hassle-free. Advancements in IoT and mobile applications allow guests to enjoy a seamless departure. For example, an app can instantly call for luggage, check out a guest and order a ride to the airport. Or, AI can be used to track preferences guests chose throughout the trip and save them for another trip, creating a fast and efficient customer experience the next time they book a vacation.

Talking to Others About the Trip – Often overlooked parts of the cruising experience are referrals and brand loyalty. Today, consumers are pledging less and less loyalty to brands. Rather, they care about the cruise line that creates a superior and personalized experience for them.
Social media, as well as digital advancements in IoT, analytics and AI, have given brands and consumers the ability to interact and engage at a more personal level. Picture this: two months after a fantastic cruise, your customer is sitting down with friends to have dinner and they receive an interactive message from a cruise line with picture memories of the last dinner they enjoyed on board. Naturally, they show all of their friends, which sparks a conversation and interests more people in having the same experience. Brand
loyalty has been built, the word has been spread, and they are now the go-to travel expert throughout their group of friends.

Now that we’ve discussed the many points of view when traveling on a cruise, next we’ll look at some specific examples as it relates to resort stays, timeshares and airline travel. Stay tuned for more!