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WATCH: InnSure Executive Director Talks to OZ about the ROI of “Tree Hugging,” How the Insurance Industry Will Supercharge the Fight Against Climate Change, & More

Paul Bailo_Charlie Sidoti webinar

“Are you telling us that the insurance industry is treehuggers now that they’re advocating for the environment?”

This is the good-naturedly provocative question OZ Chief Transformation Officer Dr. Paul Bailo puts to InnSure Executive Director Charlie Sidoti in the new OZ webinar series’s informative and entertaining inaugural episode.

“It’s in their best interest,” Sidoti responds, giving as good as he gets. “I’ve always been environmentally conscious, but it’s not just about doing good for the sake of being a good person. The UN suggests that there’s going to be $5 trillion a year spent on climate. Suppose Property & Casualty (P&C) captures 2% of the global economy. In that case, we stand to capture $100 billion in new business.”

Watch the full conversation here to learn more about where that new $100 billion in business will come from, the origin story of his eco-friendly insurtech enabler, the InnSure/OZ partnership, and the untold benefits—for the planet and your bottom line—of these new initiatives and the technical, data, cloud, and digital transformation now underway.

The InnSure and OZ partnership provides a unique bridge that supports the undergoing innovation in the insurance industry.