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What is Modernization & Optimization, and is it different from Digital Transformation?

Oz Digital Consulting Cover Blog - Modernization & Optimization

Many companies these days are evaluating whether they need to embark on a large, ambitious Digital Transformation initiative. Frequently, they are better served by taking on smaller, incremental improvements through Modernization and Optimization projects.

Modernization and Optimization requires looking at opportunities to simplify and improve outdated or clunky organizational processes. While Digital Transformation sometimes feels like a complete overhaul of a company, Modernization and Optimization initiatives have a more specific focus on a single area or function.

Am I a Candidate for Optimization?

The biggest issue with an organizational process is that there is already a lag in technology when you implement it. In some cases, companies wait years for supporting data on technology before integrating it into their system or operation. That small gap in technology is amplified year over year, and over time you feel the growing pain of inefficient operations.

Any company that has not modernized systems and processes in the last decade should consider taking inventory of organizational effectiveness, although Karen Hausheer, Manager of Digital Solutions for OZ Digital Consulting, says companies should do this at least every five years.

Is This an Overwhelming Project?

Given the large number of systems, processes, and data that might be impacted, you could be looking at an extensive and complex venture. Here’s some advice: don’t try to undertake a modernization or optimization project alone, unless your company has excess capacity in technical skills, and most don’t. Partnering with a digital solutions company like OZ, which can help you create the most efficient optimization roadmap, is your best solution.

The reality is that there is a plethora of data ready to work for you. But understanding what to do with it may seem out of your reach, and you’ll likely need a consulting firm’s expertise to assist you. The right digital consulting company will be able to digest all the client’s data, highlight potential growth points, and work towards a new solution that will boost productivity.

What Issues Can I Expect to See?

One of the most common inefficiencies highlighted is manual processes. These are any tasks reliant on a human to be completed. When a series of assignments needs to be completed by various people, there are endless ways to hinder productivity. By relying on people, without the benefit of an optimization initiative, you must factor in time to complete the work and the multiple compounding opportunities for human error. When your finished product is done exchanging hands, it likely is an amalgamation of wasted time with layers of potential mistakes that will cost you. Regardless of how you slice it, every variable in a manual process can be optimized. Highly efficient companies understand this and leverage technology to automate manual processes, which ultimately drives value to customers, shareholders and, yes, employees too.

After your digital solutions consultant has highlighted optimization opportunities, they will begin providing you with a custom solution. Typically, OZ will find the best answers to our clients’ needs in an Azure cloud-based solution. Working with offsite data, automating functionality, and integrating web applications drives the effective solutions most clients need.

How Can I Take Action?

Getting connected with a digital solutions company that makes the process of discovery and implementation painless is your next step. If it’s been a few years since you have undertaken a Modernization and Optimization initiative, you can start the conversation here! The hardest part of achieving your future efficiency is filling out the form to connect with OZ’s Digital Solutions team. With close collaboration and expertise, they are eager to bring you from start to finish with your transformation.