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Here’s how to navigate a tight labor market

Oz Digital Consulting Manny-Forbes

The U.S. unemployment rate is below four percent.

Talent has more options than ever.

So, how can you position your enterprise to not only attract but retain the best talent?

Well, first you read the latest Forbes symposium, 16 Reasons Talented Tech Pros Leave Companies (And How to Address Them), which taps the deep knowledge and experience of a distinguished panel including OZ Chief Solutions Officer and Forbes Technology Council member Emmanuel Ramos.

Here’s what Ramos had to say:

“Do you recall the last time you were binge-watching a TV series, and even though it was late, you kept on going on to the next episode? Organizations need to create an environment that captures the interest and imagination of the technical staff while getting business done. A technical staff member engaged in work within a knowledge culture—one that creates interest in the “story”—is not leaving.”

OZ Digital Consulting is here to provide the best solutions and advice for your business needs. From data analytics, enterprise integration, and intelligent automation, web/mobile applications, Cloud and IT services—we have the expertise to make sure that your transition is seamless. Let us be your guide in this digital journey–-contact us today for a consultation!