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OZ Chief Solutions Officer Emmanuel Ramos

Oz Digital Consulting Manny-Forbes

ChatGPT has seized the imagination of not just the tech space, but the business world at large.

But, in practical terms, what does the generative AI revolution mean for your enterprise? And how can you best position yourself to seize the opportunities it creates?

OZ Chief Solutions Officer Emmanuel Ramos delves into the topic this week in Forbes, providing a succinct explainer on generative AI as well as multiple actionable insights.

Here’s a taste:

Generative AI requires massive amounts of data and computing power to train its models accurately. This means businesses need to invest in both storage space and processing capabilities before they can begin using these technologies effectively. Additionally, integrating generative AI into existing systems can prove difficult due to compatibility issues between different platforms or languages that each system component uses. As such, organizations should ensure they have sufficient technical expertise available before attempting any implementations themselves.

Businesses should take steps to protect themselves from potential risks associated with using generative AI models by encrypting all stored information within their systems and regularly updating security protocols whenever new vulnerabilities arise.

Read the whole thing here.