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Powerful Insights Into Your Business Future

Powerful Insights Into Your Business Future

Short of a crystal ball, is it possible to get a glimpse of the future your customer would like to share with you?

The participants in the recent Forbes symposium, 15 Ways Predictive Analytics Can Help Businesses Boost Their CX, believe the answer is an enthusiastic, “Yes!”

But remember, your efforts need not be perfect: “When customers sense that a business is working to anticipate and better serve their needs,” the introduction to the piece notes, “they’re more likely to become loyal fans and recommend the business to others.”

Here’s what OZ Chief Solutions Officer and Forbes Technology Council member Emmanuel Ramos had to say about anticipating customer orders:

Predictive analytics can drive anticipatory shipping. It can analyze customer data, purchase history, and behavior patterns to anticipate customer orders. This allows businesses to proactively ship products to distribution centers or directly to customers’ locations, reducing delivery time and enhancing the customer experience.”

What else is on the list?

Click here to find out.

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